3P Morphs Into a Party on Wheels Quicker Than a NASCAR Pit-Stop!

Posted on Mar 7 2015 - 8:03pm by Jessi Meehan

It’s NASCAR race week…and speaking of racing…have you ever been out racing out, hitting the sales and seen a gift that inspires you to party plan before you even reach the register? Our bargain hunt after Christmas led us to brainstorm a 3P portable “PARTY ON WHEELS” birthday bash for our dear friend Danny! An important 3P philosophy is to dream up a party perfect purpose before paying for your seasonal purchases…and boy did we! We celebrated two birthdays in less than 12 hours that day! Chris stepped out the Man Cave for this one…and we truly packed up a party on wheels at a great price…in no time at all.


Using our marvelous manly gift find as the foundation for fun…we then dug into the birthday box for easily packable pieces to surprise Danny. Sherry was on board to let us take over Danny’s Man Cave for an hour or two…and we rolled into the garage prepped to party!


A few keys to start your party engine:

1. Dreaming up your theme! We hit the races with this one and went straight for a cars theme. A few themed pieces will work easily…we chose to fill a cars gift bag + print a “Cars” printable (Print your own HERE!) which worked perfectly into our work schedules.
2. Using what you have on hand makes portable party prep a cinch! A Happy Birthday paper plate on a stand created instant signage + added instant dimension to our tablescape.
3. Coordinate with your cohorts to ensure surprise arrival and smooth set up for decor.
4. Pack it in, and pack it out. By bringing paper goods and plastic ware…we had simple set up and virtually no clean up!


By pre-prepping our gift, and packing a few paper goods, confetti style balloon anchors, birthday candy, and more…we were ready to race to Danny’s and really make his day. We whipped up a fast “Cars” themed printable to match our party packed gift bag, and even found a cake from the bakery at our local Winco that could be customized! Perfect car theme, a few Cars candles, and we were in business!


While the boys (and Jess) took a stroll around the Man Cave with Danny, Sherry and I prepped the party using our gift as a centerpiece, paired with the cake, a few elevated plates for dimension, a car calendar for color, and candy as celebratory table scatter! Once the “dudes” were back in the room, Danny was seriously surprised and having a great time. We munched on pizza, he made wish with before we enjoyed our cake, and even shared a few laughs looking back on birthdays past. 3P Motto: Time spent with friends + a thoughtful gesture is what really matters, an hour together is more than an expensive gift!

Our “Party on Wheels” was a huge success, and a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. Happy Birthday Danny!