5 “GRATE” Picks for Summer

Posted on Jul 24 2015 - 1:10pm by Brenda and Jessi Meehan

When out and about a few summer standouts caught my eye. And I just had to share them –

  • What a “GRATE” idea! This vibrant fuchsia slicer and dicer ($ 6.99 at Winco) can add speed and convenience as you grate for all those summer salads with no muss or fuss…This good to go gadget comes with its own plastic container to catch as you grate. Keep an eye out as 3P uses this kitchen aid as another vehicle for a “Grate” gift.
  • Flip Flop Cookies from Panera Bread. It’s a shoe in as you pair your iced coffee with these creative cookies all decked out for pool time entertaining. When it’s boiling outside and too hot to bake, pick-up these delicious delectables and serve with iced coffee. You now have the Practically Perfect Poolside or Patio dessert to roll out simply and stress free! Check out Panera’s sensational list of sweets HERE! 


  • Float your boat or instead serve easy to make Root beer, or favorite Soda ice cream floats.  National Root Beer Float Day is coming up this August 6th! These poolside friendly cups are sensational starting points for a party activity along or a refreshing dessert on a dime. Create a “Float Bar”. Fill a small kiddie pool filled with ice and then arrange ice cream and soda flavors and let the party goers self serve. Bring this idea to a Birthday Bash you’re hosting and let kids keep cups to continue the tradition at home. These inexpensive bright plastics are also cute cups to hold favors or a small summer present hosting a personalized Ice Cream gift card and summer napkins.floaytcups copy How-To-Make-The-Perfect-Root-Beer-Float


  • Pretty up and make practical by taking a bright sand pail and shovel and making it into an ice bucket. Take to any summer soiree by popping one of these inexpensive “Project Happiness” wines, available at Trader Joe’s…in your tote to go. This is sure to add a smiley face to any Host or Hostess upon your arrival!collwine

    We hope you’re digging our GRATE picks for Summer…now, what are a few of yours??