A Few of Our “Favor”-ite Things for Valentine’s Day!

Posted on Feb 1 2014 - 12:29pm by Brenda Meehan

I love this holiday, because you can celebrate it as much or as little as you want and it’s ok. Even if you’re totally single, it’s ok to spend the evening watching something on GayPornHD or a similar site to show yourself some self-love. Or, if you’re more the giving type, why not give to friends and family instead? A little something that says “I’m sending you a hug and a kiss” or a simple “I love you”, in a unique and personal way is how I like to say Happy Heart’s Day!

First things first: ready to go Valentine’s favors so that I can grab them easily to take to a lunch or meeting. These can also work as table favors, friendship gifts, teacher’s gifts, sweetheart gifts, a tiny token of thank you, a little workplace cheer, kid’s gifts, or “good morning, I love you!” gifts.

Helpful heart-pieces to pick up on-sale and have on hand include: cellophane bags, Valentine’s Candy (Sweethearts, Kisses, Redhots, etc), stickers, tissue, cupcake cups, heart or kissy lip straws, colorful plastic treasure tubs, extra ribbon, plastic champagne glasses, festive mugs with kisses on them, bubbles, lip shaped chip clips, and anything else that simply says “love”! And yes, many of these things were already in my Valentine’s event box that we picked up on sale from stores like the 99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree, and Michael’s. Your favors don’t have to look exactly like ours, but feel free to use these ideas as a model…and then use what you’ve got on hand and add some personal touches.


Here are some easy to make 3P Valentine’s Day Favors that scream “I LOVE YOU!”:

1. It’s a Candy Wrap! – Wrap up candies like Valentine’s M&M’s, RedHots, Kisses, and Sweethearts into cellophane bags. If you want to make it a little extra special, then include some specialty chocolates from a local chocolate shop – ones that you can’t get in many places. You can even tie a bag with ribbon on each end, and cut the edges off to make a candy-like heart surprise. *3P TIP: Trimming cellophane bags, using wider ribbon, and placing them in a little basket can add a more professional look!


2. Cheers! or “Let’s Toast…Champagne Anyone?” – Package festive red plastic champagne glasses with a little something extra like Kisses or Red Hots in a cupcake holder for a great Valentine’s Day gift. Or for your favorite coffee-drinker….wrap up those Valentine’s candies and ribbon them up in a kiss-mug with some heart-pops! *3P TIP: Pipe-cleaner hearts are a quick and inexpensive, unique touch to wrapping and can also dress up a gift tag or place card.


3. Create a “Basket of Hearts” with a repurposed card (we clip the front off of cards year round to save for gift-giving), add some bubbles, Valentine’s candy, tissues, and stickers for a full of love basket. You can also make your own “I Only Have Lips for My Sweetheart” bag using a cellophane bag, some Kisses and candies, and a cute-lip-chip-clip!


4. For the letter writer you love – put together a “Sending Love Your Way” package: ribbon up some wild stationary with a few sweet treats and you’re guaranteed your next love letter! Make sure to include a sweet note so they know how much you care.


5. Last but not least: a little gift to you! Re-use a funky candy dish or candle holder to fashion a “Sweetheart Candle”! – It makes me so happy when I can take a dish out of the cupboard and show it off with a seasonal item without having to purchase something new. This is one of my favorite candy dishes with a glittery clearance candle from Christmas, a bag of Sweetheart candies, and some Redhot cinnamon hearts! Something “love”-ly for me to look at everyday!


What’s your “favor”-ite part of Valentine’s Day? Do you love the decorations, the love notes, the little thoughtful gifts? Let us know what you love!

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  1. Victoria England February 2, 2014 at 12:15 am -

    LOVE the mug with the lips.Great ideas!! Happy Valentines Day!

    • Jessi Meehan February 3, 2014 at 11:14 am -

      Thank you! I thought they were really cute too. Happy Valentine’s Day <3