A Hip and Happy-nin’ Baby Birthday for Two!

Posted on Apr 15 2015 - 3:16pm by Brenda Meehan

Our dear frieders Kendra and Ben celebrated not one birthday…but two for little ones Etsen and “Miss P”! This hip and happening birthday on a Sunday afternoon proved that Pinterest-worthy perfection can be done simply and little details can personalize any party at home! Simple streamers gone birthday beautiful, a balloon wall, lemonade stand, mug-cake making station, and even a take-home custom coaster craft made this party something truly adorable and incredibly unique…just like Kendra and Ben!

PicMonkey Collage14

1. A gift wagon was a great way to cleverly stack and showcase gifts + make them easily cartable when it comes time to open! Our gifts included a summer-time must have package with sandpails filled to brim with everything the kiddos needed for a swim day by the pool or on the sand: swim suits, water toys, goodies and more!

IMG_3644  IMG_3525

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2. A bountiful balloon wall screamed it’s PARTY TIME…but in a stylish, subtle and crafty way! Kendra attached streamers along strips of painters tape (to not damage the walls) and created a balloon wall  by sticking matching balloons along the painters tape and matching streamers! It was the perfect greeting upon entering the party!

IMG_3513 copy  IMG_3531 copy

3. More streamers strung throughout the house and from the ceiling (with more paint-safe tape) added a huge pop of color and made the lemonade stand truly stand out! Kendra wrapped her lemonade in butcher paper to tie in the crafty theme, and served each drink in a color coordinated cup with printed straws!


4. Mug cake, anyone? This simple and thoughtful (AND DELICIOUS) idea was the hit of the party! Kendra found the idea HERE. Toppings were set buffet style…and by setting out paper ice cream cups to mix a few tablespoons of each ingredient, with spoons to stir…and a micro nearby to pop each pastry in…each guest had a mug cake in minutes! To make your own mix, simply mix one regular cake mix, with one angel food mix…stir well…and then add approx. instructions for needed water and “bake” time! So stress-free and super tasty!

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5. A  DIY take home favor station got guests getting creative with coasters! White tiles were decorated with sharpies, then small bottles (safely labeled) of rubbing alcohol were set out with straws to dot on each tile. After your masterpiece was made…each guest sprayed their tile with setting spray and they were allowed to dry! Each coaster was a work of art! Find the original inspiration HERE.

Happy Birthday to Etsen, and Miss P…and a big thanks to Kendra and Ben for such a fab party! How do you celebrate the little ones in your life?