Get Started on Your Garden For Earth Day!

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 8:56am by Jessi Meehan

We love to garden here at Practically Perfect Planner, and what better day to get started on your own garden than Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day April 22, Message Sign Greeting On A Heart Shape

Starting a garden may seem like a slightly overwhelming task, but it really doesn’t have to be. You can begin your own herb garden with a few seeds of your choice, a recycled egg carton, and yes…a little dirt won’t hurt! There’s nothing like being able to just clip a handful of fresh herbs right at home. In case your garden space is too big and currently has a disheveled look, then you could consider calling in professional landscapers (from websites like to do some of the beginning work for you.

You could also add your personal touch with a few inputs on the landscaping plan. As there could be thousands of variations in design and overall look, you could experiment with themes. If there is a substantial budget in place for landscaping, you could throw in some textures to improve the overall look of your yard/garden. You can as well consider adding an octagonal summer house to this space. It can be the perfect place to spend summer evenings — you can check out articles to learn where to put your summer house. Besides this, you can consider hardscaping as a great option to improve the curb appeal of your garden. It can help in expanding your outdoor living space as well as add to the value of your property.

To find an appropriate concrete contractor for hardscaping, you could look at or contact a more local supplier. Now all you would have to do is wait until the landscaping work is done. With the space cleared up and made ready, it becomes a matter of a little effort from you.

Part of what happens in the Man Cave as well is gardening. My Dad loves to take care of his plants, and he grows everything from herbs to artichokes! Gardening is great for the environment, lessens plastic waste by not buying herbs or veggies from the market, and even saves you money along the way. So, before you throw out that egg carton post-Easter…be sure to save it…because you can whip up your Earth Day garden starter in a few easy steps! 3P Tip: This simple garden starter is not only environmentally friendly, but kid-friendly too…what could be more fun than getting to dig in the dirt with your little ones, and watching THEM watch their garden grow?


1. Pick out your seeds. You can buy herb seeds from your local gardening store, or you can even order them online from sites like Here at 3P we are big fans of growing rosemary, thyme, basil, chives, and cilantro!


2. Grab your egg carton, and carefully cut the top off. You’ll be saving the bottom as your planter! The little cups that once held your Easter Eggs, will now hold your seeds so that they can grow and eventually be transplanted.


3. Add a little bit of soil to each cup in the egg carton, filling them up about 3/4 of the way, then push a seed or two into each cup, and cover with soil. Add just a tiny bit of water. (And remember to lightly water your garden starter everyday)


5. Watch your Earth Day garden grow! Once your herbs begin to sprout, you can transplant them into larger pots, or a flower bed, or if you have a garden already you can simply add them to it. You can even cut each small cup of the egg container and plant it directly into your garden or planter. The cardboard is biodegradable, which we love, and will blend into the soil. Make sure to keep harmful garden pests out of the way as they can eat up or spoil your newly growing plants. Get in touch with professional pest control services (like to tackle this problem if needed.

An always important 3P Event Basic for everyday life is Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. (We’re also big believers in REPURPOSING.) You never know when you might be able to re-use a household item to create the perfect gift, or even recycle an old container into a unique and funky gift wrap. Remember when we repurposed Tissue Boxes as gift wrap? Check out the post HERE. You can also wrap up your Earth Day garden starter as a gift for a friend to start their own garden. You could even skip the herbs, and have your starter as the base to grow a tree, or a fruit plant in memory of a loved one.

We hope you have a beautiful Earth Day, and that you’ll get your garden going this year! Do you already garden? What are some of your favorite plants or flowers to grow?