A Little Luck and a LOT of Love: Marissa’s Crimson & Clover Bridal Brunch Part One!

Posted on Jun 7 2015 - 4:32pm by Brenda and Jessi Meehan

They say April showers bring May flowers…well in our case, an October WEDDING brought a MAY SHOWER! We had an absolute BALL dreaming up the perfect bridal brunch for our beloved bride (and sister/daughter), Marissa. Yep, you heard it here first: MARISSA AND MIKE ARE GETTING MARRIED!

She has asked Jessi to be her maid of honor, and wouldn’t you know it…Mom’s the wedding planner. 🙂 Her wedding color of crimson and love of all things Irish tied together a practically perfect bridal shower theme: Crimson and Clover! A personalized theme to run with + a few 3P touches made this bridal brunch a truly memorable day for all involved. Stick around this week for tips & tricks, favors & gifts galore…but here’s how we printed our way to party perfection:


luck printable  Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.32.28 PM

It all started with a custom invite, and our plan was on a roll…. Guests were encouraged to bring “date night gifts” to give the bride and groom some awesome outings to look forward to. The bride made out like a bandit with dates for days! These invites were a breeze to assemble, as we printed at home, and used glue-sticks to adhere them to blank crimson cards we scored for a steal after Christmas at Michaels. 3P Tip: Always be thinking of ways to repurpose stellar purchases! You never know when a Christmas-time buy can provide a much needed piece to a summer party puzzle. 

Moving right along the bridal shower train…all of Marissa’s favorite things made it to the party…we even found a print-at-home FRIENDS themed shower game (available HERE) that fit the bill just right, as Marissa is a serious Friends buff. Home printed greetings welcomed guests, and balloons let everyone know it was time to party! It’s easy to keep costs down when you do a little DIY printing at home, complete with GLUEDOTS and leftover project supplies such as poster boards.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.43.46 PM door5

We printed out simple red clovers + some funky fun font-text cut out into clouds, and applied them to a recycled poster board with a little sparkle. Adding our poster to an easel and topping it off with a few balloons created a home-made warm welcome into our poppin’ party. Here’s a sneak peek of what was happenin’ once guests got in the door:

Well ladies and gents…this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for our beautiful out door brunch display, games galore, and the total HOW-TO on spring table decor gone Leprechaun lovely, and more!