A Sunshine Delivery + Sunshine Takeout to Brighten Your Day!

Posted on Jul 21 2014 - 3:12pm by Jessi Meehan

On a recent trip to Canada to care for my Aunt Rena, my mom was quite taken by a unique and sunny gift that Rena received from her friend Cindy…a Sunshine Box! Sunshine Boxes are IN, and all the “happy-rage” these days! Providing people with smiles across the globe, these yellow delights are what’s new for day-brightening gift giving! 3P put our spin on these bright and shiny beauties by creating a fun printable to accompany our “Sunshine Delivery Box”, as well as our “Sunshine Takeout”!


We started with the 3P Basic of shopping the sales! We scoured the shelves of Michael’s, Pier1, and Dollar Tree to find awesome themed items at a GREAT price. Every single item was on-sale, and in-theme. We also dug through our gift drawers for Practically Perfect yellow pieces.

Our “Delivery of Sunshine” Boxes were created and customized starting off with useful photo-boxes from Michael’s, (3 for $10) which we carefully filled with an array of make-you-smile goodies. These mellow yellow cost effective containers went with our theme and cut out the step of having to wrap:


We also created this particular box, which is a bit of tear-jerker now, for my Grandmother while she was recently in the hospital. Visiting a loved one while they are ill can be difficult, and being in the hospital can be both scary, and uncomfortable. But this box of sunshine, got a BIG smile and a signature “WOW” out of my Grandma during one of her hardest days. She absolutely LOVED the simple things like the peach hand lotion. You never know when your box of sunshine might make a BIG difference for the people you love. 

IMG_3648 copy


We created a printable that you can download right HERE, to Glue-dot (We love those things!) right to the top, or side of your boxes!

For a quick little gift-on-the-go that’s sure to perk up a friend or colleague…cook up a Sunshine Takeout Box! These takeout boxes are available at Michael’s, and can easily be filled with candy, tissues, tea-lights, and more! We managed to get a variety of sun colored goodies into one box! Important 3P Tip: Choose items carefully to personalize this gift for each friend. 

IMG_3906     IMG_3905


You can download the printable for your Sunshine Takeout Box HERE!

How do you plan to brighten a friend’s day with some Sunshine Delivery? Ever make or receive a Sunshine Box? Send us your ideas on Facebook, or share them in a comment below! And be sure to share the sunshine of this post with your friends and family!