A ‘Welcome Home’ Slow Cooked Dinner + Delicious Dill Dip from Harvest Festival – Original Art & Craft Show!

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 4:41pm by Brenda Meehan

Harvest Festival – Original Art & Craft Show is not only an amazing event, but one that we’ve been involved with for almost 20 years! It’s just around the corner here in Las Vegas at Cashman Center, September 5-7th! We’ve been sending out samples from a few of our awesome artisans to our local media. We couldn’t help but sample these scrumptious offerings ourselves! Whatcha Got Cookin’ and Coyote Country Seasonings Company hooked us up with two easy-to-make, ready to mix dishes that were DELISH! Nothing beats coming home to a house full of inviting and enticing smells from the crock pot…and there’s no easier “app” than a few fresh veggies and crisp crackers with dip. Check out how we whipped together a simple, summer comfort-dinner, plus a flavorful and fresh dip; fast and on a dime…all courtesy of our friends at Harvest Festival – The Original Art & Craft Show!

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Lisa and Roxanne are two friends who love to cook, and they’re also the brains behind Whatcha Got Cookin! They’re often called the Spice Girls! Two years ago they started specializing in easy-to-make spice mixes for simple “go-to” dinners. They pride themselves on delicious mixes, that only require 2-3 additional ingredients to complete a full and tasty meal! We tried out their “Welcome Home” mix, and OH MY GOODNESS was it good. The smell from the kitchen alone was incredible! The best part was, we only had to add a few ingredients we already had on hand to this mix, grab our crockpot…and “set and forget it”! Why not enjoy crockpot comfort food in the summer too? This no fuss, no muss dinner was simple, sensational and even though the temps are hot outside…our kitchen was cool with this great mid-week meal that’s a no-brainer for “back to school”!


All You Need to Create this Crock-Pot Comfort Sensation:

– One Packet of Whatcha Got Cookin’ “Welcome Home” Seasoning Mix
– 8 ounces of cream cheese
– Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Thighs (We find that thighs don’t “shred” into pieces as much)
– Cream of Chicken Soup
– (We love veggies, so we added some mushrooms, green onions, and yellow peppers!)
– Serve with egg noodles or rice. We also added green peas as a side, and added a few on top as a bright garnish.

1. Add your chicken to the crockpot, sprinkle seasoning over.
2. “Plop” in soup, as the directions suggest…
3. Break up cream cheese over the mixture.
4. Set your crockpot on high…and “forget it”! 😉
5. Just before your meal is finished in the crock pot, boil your noodles or cook your rice up!
6. Remove the chicken from the crockpot and run a whisk through your sauce.
7. Serve your chicken on a bed of noodles or rice, and spoon sauce over all! Easy as that!


This dinner smelled incredible all day, and tasted even better on the table! Whatcha Got Cookin’ has got it goin’ on! Be sure to give their recipes a try, and check out their booth at Harvest Festival – Original Art & Craft Show…OR – shop online HERE…they are 100% sure not to disappoint with their simple to prep dinners!

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And now…for this dip! We’ve been using Coyote Country Seasoning Company dip mixes for YEARS! Coyote Country Seasoning Company is an awesome little outfit from Arizona that offers gourmet Mixes for soups, dips, chili, cowboy beans, meat rubs, and more! We swear by their spice-filled dip mixes, and they’re one of our staples for quick and easy appetizers when we entertain! Just the other night when our friends Jackie and Bill came for supper, we whipped up a batch of C.C.S.C’s Dill Dip with some fresh veggies, cracker chips, and pretzels. This would also make for a fantastic after-school snack, and it a tasty way to get kids to “dip into” eating their veggies!

They couldn’t be easier to make:

– One packet Coyote Country Seasoning Co Dip Mix
– One Cup Sour Cream
– One Cup Mayonnaise 

1. Combine all of your ingredients into a small bowl or large measuring cup.
2. Whisk Thoroughly!
3. Saran wrap your mixing bowl, and let it set in the fridge for a few hours to get all those yummy flavors blending!
4. Scoop into your serving dish, and watch your guests devour!


We’re getting amped up for our local Harvest Festival artisans, and can’t wait to see even more of what they have to offer this year! Be sure to check out Harvest Festival’s Facebook page for updates, and get YOUR tickets today!