Bite The Bullet!

Posted on Jan 21 2014 - 9:23am by Brenda Meehan

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it right…

In past posts we have mentioned make shift tablecloths and fabric to make a table scape work. As an event professional this is a skill that comes in handy for sure! However for 20 years whenever we put in all of the leaves of our dining room table, the width doesn’t work with any tablecloth that can be purchased in stores. I don’t sew and so I decided to finally hire Anna Cotton a professional seamstress to turn my table-top dilemma into tablecloth solution…and WOW – what an amazing job she did!


4 Steps to my custom table cloth with all of the trimmings:
(3P Basic: putting a plan together helps make it a reality. Otherwise it’s just another one of those things that’s “gonna happen”.)

1.  Anna from Cotton Costumes came and measured our table and gave me a plan on cloth sizes, as well as a plan for a Velcro protective table cover that can be re-sized as needed as when table-leaves come in and out.

2.  We met at Joanne’s when fabrics were on sale. (Anna even had an additional 25% off coupon for us to use on our total sale, that’s my kind of gal!) With her advice we picked out some trim, thread and cord. I also gave her my likes and dislikes on jewel-like pieces that she could later choose, and then make us coordinating napkin rings.  We nailed it all in about an hour.

3. Through a few texts and two calls, I approved items and confirmed deliveries. And Voila! I now have a gorgeous, custom table cloth for my dining room table, a cover to protect my table at any size, and 12 stunning coordinating jewel napkin rings.  With the left over fabric Anna also made me a coordinating cloth for my kitchen table!  I am so excited about these home additions and can’t believe I waited so long.


4.  3P event basic: Even though I wanted this initially for Christmas Dinner…as an event planner I knew that choosing a fabric that worked both with year round entertaining and had a similar design element as my home, was the way to go.  Bonus: the fabric I chose also complimented my holiday table, and my Santa breakfast table as I went with burgundy’s which are very neutral.  When you are making an investment in table-scape decor, it’s a good idea to choose something that can be used throughout the year.


LESSON LEARNED: find a talented professional when needed, to make a home dilemma into a solution that makes entertaining more fun!

To learn how to make DIY napkin rings similar to what Anna designed for us at Practically Perfect Planner…go to:, or tune in as we share these step by step instructions from Anna!