Come On Get Hoppy: An Egg-Cellent Family Activity!

Posted on Mar 23 2015 - 4:13pm by Jessi Meehan

Everyone has a secret stash of those pesky plastic easter eggs…lingering in a closet, packed in an event box, or perhaps even tucked into an old Easter basket waiting to be re-displayed. Why not turn them into a Egg-cellent Easter activity the whole family can enjoy, all while pulling double duty as Egg-straordinary table decor? Gather those eggs, and come on…get hoppy!


Sometimes loved ones need a good laugh, a little encouragement, a special treat, or maybe even a gentle nudge to reach out and help others. By grabbing your eggs, and thinking a little “out of the basket”…filling them can be a cinch: just think of what would make your family members “get hoppy”! Include inspirational sayings, family jokes, a sweet treat you don’t often indulge in, or…turn it into a spring-spin on our Secret Santa-style giving idea. Each egg can be filled with a suggestion of help for someone else. Maybe it’s helping a sibling with a chore…giving mom a few one on one moments…or even simply a subtle hint at a little something that’s needing some attention like a room or closet. 😉

Colorful plastic Easter Eggs in grass

Turn this grand and giving gift into a standing decor piece in minutes! Once you’ve filled your eggs, fill a favorite dish, tiered cake plate, or even a pedasteled fruit bowl with your “nest of niceties”…and let the Hoppyness begin! Pairing plastic eggs with ceramic decor adds a classier feel that won’t “cheep”en your Easter look!


Perhaps around a meal like breakfast or dinner, each family member can begin cracking those eggs and enjoying what each has to offer! A great conversation starter, and fabulous way to start or end the day as a family!

IMG_3897 copy IMG_3885

How will your family choose to “Get Hoppy” this Easter? Get in the spirit of giving and gather those eggs!