Confucius Say: Celebrate Chinese New Year in 5 Easy Elements!

Posted on Jan 13 2015 - 8:46pm by Jessi Meehan

This “Spring Festival” of the far east, is full of bright red colors and said to bring good fortune, health, and wealth to all! Now THAT is something worth celebrating. Here are some entertaining tips to bring this easy Asian theme home. Keep it simple and spontaneous with 3P as we order in, and order up a Chinese New Year bash in a flash…complete with a takeout box -trendy table-scape + a few “radical red” offerings! Don’t let the year of the Goat get your goat – let’s party!      New Year Greeting Card Or Postcard With Goat
If you prefer to GO-OUT over ordering TAKE-OUT…you can celebrate locally in your hometown, whether it’s a downtown display or a marvelous museum! Chinese New Years displays can be found all over our hometown of Las Vegas…from the Bellagio Gardens, to China Town Square. Grab a girlfriend and head out for Dim Sum…some Chinese restaurants often offer special menus with pre-fixed traditional specialties! You can also hit up your local Chinese Foot Massage parlor for some serious relaxation.

If you’re ordering in…5 Easy to implement elements to ringing in the New Year, Chinese-style:

PicMonkey Collagech

1. Add Light! LED lanterns, tea lights, luminaries, candles, and more…this is a festival of lights and love.
2. Red, red, red (she said!): Red is the chosen color for this celebration of renewal. Dig out holiday decor and paper goods – and repurpose into Chinese New Years essentials. Re-use red charger plates layered with complimentary black dishes/paper plates.
3. Party On With Paper: traditionally, as paper comes from wood (a key Chinese element)…paper cartons are used, and paper cut-outs are featured throughout the festivities. It’s easy to ask for extra cartons when ordering Chinese takeout…fill them tissue or napkins and tea-lights for your tablescape. (3P Preview below)
4. Offerings in Envelopes: small monetary gifts are given in red envelopes to encourage prosperity throughout the New Year. Leftover Christmas envelopes create these conversation starters, be playful with play money…or add a dollar or two for CHANGE in the New Year. 😉
5. Far East Eats and Treats: Mandarin Oranges are served as they symbolize both “fortune” and “luck”! Keep menu low maintenance with takeout or a fast stir fry.

Confucius say: Keep It Simple…Less Prevents Stress. 

Make a plan to order in traditional Chinese and serve on disposables to keep the party going while keep your cooking and cleaning at bay. Set a simple table using a few of the essential elements: fill paper cartons with red napkins, small LED lanterns, and include a mandarin for luck!

PicMonkey Collage78

Be sure to add a cup or mug to sip green tea, a time honored favorite in China…where tea originated! And of course…a pair of chop sticks to dine on delectable goodies on your red table-scape. Use red paper envelopes filled with a little cash, as place-cards to offer prosperity to your guests…and you’re good to go!

IMG_2272 copy
A Chinese centerpiece trifecta on a tray! Arrange three takeout containers filled with red tissue, LED tea-lights, and two pairs of chopsticks (remember to ask for extra when ordering in…PF Changs has great black and red pairs!) Add a lantern or two, additional candles, or whatever themed pieces you have on hand and you’re golden…

IMG_2281 copy

IMG_2292 copy

As the Chinese say: GONG HEY FAT CHOY!! …Or HAPPY NEW YEAR!!