Deck The Halls, Drama Free: 8 Do’s, Don’ts and Ideas for Decorating Made Easy

Posted on Dec 4 2014 - 5:30pm by Jessi Meehan

Let’s cut to the chase, Jessi-style…my favorite “Merry Christmas to Me” moment this year was finding a treasured box of my Nana’s perfectly preserved vintage ornaments and taking a few minutes to myself to dream of Christmas’ past. Some were crafted of soft satin, some carefully beaded, all beautiful bundles waiting to be showcased again, this year…on our chandelier.

Now moving on, let’s get to decking those halls! Here is a sneak peek of what’s in store “after the jump” when we head into the kitchen… Bundt pans gone topsy turvy on the countertop…you won’t want to miss tip #4!

First Steps First!

1. DO be sure to develop a plan: Dig out 5 to 10 precious holiday pieces you plan to showcase. Organization each year preps for simple execution next year! Labeled Holiday boxes preserved each year, helps you find things quickly. Start by staging these favorites in the areas you want to feature them. Do remember to stop and smell the holiday scents and see where they will all fit in. We began with a bowl of Christmas cheer, integrated Fall into Winter by clipping poinsettias on an inexpensive Target fall wreath, surrounded by saved pumpkins, Christmas picks from our event box, and pinecones perfectly preserved. Stacking pumpkins for height really gave this the “oomph” it needed and was put together simply within minutes!

IMG_0908 bowl1

Mom also whipped up this shiny little diddy: holly berry candle holders fill a favored coffee table bowl, circled by glittering green snowflakes! Add a few more sparkly ornaments and let a special one steal the show like this sweet hummingbird.

2. DON’T feel that you need to “go it alone” or do it all at once: ask for help! Rally the family, grab a sibling, bribe a boyfriend….pour a couple cups of tea and get started. The more hands the merrier, and before you know it everything will have that seasonal sparkle you’ve been waiting for. My Mom and I are quite the team…we knock holiday decorating out in a few hours tops! I began to decorate our favorite lamp with a simple wreath and a few glittery ornaments, but Mom made it really POP with additional holly sprigs and bright bulbs. It takes a village! 😉


3. DO plan to add new items earlier in the year so that you DON’T break the bank: we are semi-famous for bargain hunting at this point LOL and we couldn’t deck the halls the way we love without stocking up when the time is right! The best time to add GREAT deals to your collection, is in January right after Christmas. When Christmas items go on sale…hit those sales with a vengeance to add a few spankin’ new additions to your decor plan without putting a hole in your wallet. You can get almost all kinds of decor on discount right after the holidays. Get some Christmas Time Photo Canvas Prints for the wall, or festoon lights, or cute baubles and ornaments for the tree-all at hopefully reduced prices!

4. DON’T be afraid to get crafty with household items: Last year we loved our muffin tin votives so much that we took them for a new spin. This year we crafted our baking pans into Christmas savvy staples to create a cozy kitchen. To achieve the height needed for this tin-trio, we added dimension by turning over a bundt pan on an existing pedastal candle holder. By adding a touch of recycled produce netting and a jolly Santa…we baked up a new favorite. Our ornate lime green tree ornaments found a new home in a loaf pan, and of course…tea lights came to the party with bells on the mini cupcake tray! Click HERE for the 3P Original!


5. DO gain inspiration from others: Scour your favorite magazine subscriptions, check out your favorite bloggers, revisit those carefully crafted Pin-boards for all of the ideas that made your heart sing earlier in the year. Once you’ve got a holiday brainstorm a-brewin’…the creativity will flow! We scored this lanyard of mittens at an autumn garage sale from our new “awesoooome” friend Patty, and it inspired us to style things a bit more rustic this year! This was one of our new finds for this year.


6. DON’T worry that you have to start all over between seasons: easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas by working with what you’ve already displayed around your home. Swap that indian corn for holly, trade a few pumpkins for pinecones, etc…but keep any festive fall items that still say “Christmas” fresh with small changes. White pumpkins are a practically perfect participant in our holiday decor!


7. DO be sure to try something new: Last year we definitely ventured a little “out of the box” with our Snourds and Snowkins and had so much fun bringing a touch of snow to the desert. Trying something a little different can bring BIG joy this holiday season! We added a country chic feel to our kitchen counter by using GlueDots (again!) to wind a burlap ribbon with a holiday greeting around the entire counter! Dad saw this addition and said it was “love at first sight”!…and the best part? The ribbon for a buck was saved from a sale last year!


8. Don’t stress about not having enough, and don’t worry about putting everything out: sometimes, less is more. Tree ornaments used different ways, candle holders for holiday filler, and a few favorite pieces can peek out throughout, making your house a holiday home in no time.

Stack of green Christmas presents, with snow on grey wooden back

Deck the halls, drama free and send us your “Merry Christmas to Me” moment for a chance to win a Practically Perfect Planner personalized holiday package that will be sure to bring you more joy and less stress. We’d love for you to share in a comment below on the blog or on Facebook to enter!