Delight Dinner Guests as They “Dip and Roll” Their Own Dessert!

Posted on Oct 23 2014 - 12:00pm by Jessi Meehan

Company’s coming and dessert is still “up in the air”. Have it fall into place with a DIY dessert everyone will love: caramel apples done table-side in 5 minutes or less. Caramel apples bring back memories of childhood country fairs, Halloween treats, and festive fall fun! Melting down those caramels can be a LOT of labor for such a lovely little treat. Stick around as we use our popsicle sticks, caramel dip, and our noggins to “dip and roll” these tasty sweets.


What you’ll need to get rolling:

– 5 small apples, washed and dried
– 1 container “Old Fashioned” Caramel dip
– 5 sturdy popsicle sticks (We tried cake-pop sticks and they weren’t quite sturdy enough)
– a small bowl for dipping & rolling  (We love our apple bowl)



1. Carefully enter each popsicle stick through the top of each apple, and set aside on a serving plate.


2. Scoop out your caramel into a microwave safe “dip and roll” bowl…heat for 15 seconds.


3. Take turns around the table with each guest, using the “dip and roll” technique! Use your popsicle stick to dip your apple on one side into the caramel, to throughly coat, and then carefully roll it to the other side. The result: a perfectly coated caramel apple!


4. Final step: ENJOY!

Going around the table to make your own caramel apple is a fantastic fall activity for the family, and a great finale to any get-together with good friends. Now, no double dipping…LOL and let us know when dipping and rolling hits your dinner table.