DIY Bow-Tie Table Decor: Two Ways in Less Than 10 Minutes Each!

Posted on Jun 11 2014 - 8:04am by Jessi Meehan

Getting ready to set the table for Dad this week? Tie it all together with our Bow-Tie Table Runner, and Dressed-Up Dress Shirt Napkins! These two simple and unique tablescape ideas will add that little something extra to your Father’s Day Table, and they take less than 10 minutes each to craft up. Here’s a link to how WE used our bow-tie table runner!

Bow-Tie Table Runner:

You’ll need:

– one large tablecloth in the color of your choice
– one cloth napkin in a coordinating color


1. Simply Fold your table-cloth into an even square.


2. Lay across your table, and gather in the middle to create a “bunch” in the center.


3.  Roll your cloth napkin length wise to create a fastener.

4. Flip your bowtie upside down, and wrap your napkin around the middle, tie securely.


5. Turn your bow-tie over and fluff/adjust as needed.



Dressed Up Dress-Shirt Napkins:

You’ll need:

– striped or colored cloth napkins of choice
– shallow drinking glasses
– Glue Dots
– Buttons
– Red construction paper and Scissors
– A bow-Tie Pattern like this one you can download HERE from Clip Art Best!
*IMPORTANT 3P SAFETY TIP: If you have small children, you may want to cut small paper button from your red paper, instead of using plastic buttons. When you unfold each napkin to use them at the table, your buttons can come undone from the GlueDot, which could be a choking hazard. Be sure you’ve collected all of your buttons when your guests have a seat at your table. You could even keep them in a cute themed bowl or dish. 🙂

1. Trace and cut out your bow-ties first, and then organize with the rest of your items.


2. Carefully bunch your napkins into drinking glasses.


3. Apply Glue Dots to back of bowties, as well as buttons (double up on GlueDots wherever needed for extra sticking power)


4. Carefully apply your bow-ties and button to your “shirt”.

5. Fluff and adjust your shirts as needed.


Less than a few minutes, and in only 5 steps a piece…you’ve got your table runner/centerpiece and your napkins are tied up! Stay tuned later this week as we feature even MORE for Father’s Day, including unique gift ideas from the kids!