Don’t Bake Yourself Crazy Part 2: FIVE Christmas Cookie Creations in a Snap!

Posted on Dec 11 2014 - 8:00pm by Jessi Meehan

Now that you’ve made your dozens of delectable chocolate morsels…(“peep” the recipe HERE)…how are you going to package them up as pretty presents? Easy! Stick around with Practically Perfect Planner as we unveil gift-spiration made quick, quaint, and cost effective. Start off with Christmas goodies you know your hostess will love. Our gift buffet includes: Christmas soaps, holiday mini lights, candy canes, tea cups, ribbon, tea towels, spare bulbs, and an extra stocking or two!


1. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: package up each cookie as an individual chocolate in a mini Christmas baking cup, arranged neatly inside a small gift box. It’s like Sees Candy gone DIY!


2. A Sweet Treat for a Cup of Tea: using a large cello-bag, wrap up a special cup filled to the brim with crunchy chocolate goodness. Add mini candy canes for additional Christmas twist and you’re in business. Garnish with a red ribbon. 🙂


3. Coffee, cookies, and Candy! Using terrific tin buckets on sale for a dollar from Target, fill ‘er up with Peppermint squares, candy canes, Christmas coffee (great deals on these at Winco!), and handmade bookmark, and more.

IMG_1001 copy

4. Holiday Cheer for a Hostess: The scents of Christmas with the taste of a favored cookie is a perfect pairing for any holiday hostess. Fill a gift bag with holiday hand soap + lotion and a dozen cookies, then adorn with Christmas ribbon and bulb or two for shine!


5. Stock Up a Stocking! For an even greatet gift, fill a satin stocking with everything needed to have the perfect holiday moment: Christmas cookies, mini LED lights, truffles, Ginger Bread coffee, teas + a votive, candy canes, holiday hand soap and lotion, + the perfect seasonal hand towel! Your BFF will be all ready for the holidays.

IMG_1015 copy


Five gifts, all cookie’d up for the holidays to provide the people you love with a Merry Christmas to Me moment, just for them. Tell us YOUR Merry Christmas to Me moment this season, and you’ll be entered to win a $150 customized gift package just for YOU! Also: stay tuned this month as we feature even MORE unique and sweet Christmas cookies and treats including Scotcharoos and Thumbprint cookies!