Egg-xactly What You Need for an Egg-spert Easter Table + A Few Hoppin’ How-Tos!

Posted on Apr 2 2015 - 7:14pm by Jessi Meehan

After hopping quick as bunnies over to our favorite local bargain haunts, we found speedy and springy ways to dress up an Easter table + fast favors that every guest will savor. We’ve found favors that pull double duty as table runners, and Easter picks that light up vases! Even picture perfect paper products that can make prepping decor for Easter brunch or dinner a spring breeze.


Everything you need for your runner and favors can be hunted for at home, or found under $4…and some under $2! Get into the spirit of Earth Month by recycling leftover netting from produce to sub in for Easter grass. See if you can round up 3-5 egg cups from home as well to save a few bucks, or they can be purchased from Pier One HERE for $1.50 a piece!

Egg-cellent paper plates can be scored from Albertsons for under $4. From your local 99 cent store: you can gather up large clear plastic eggs, foam flower cut outs, a bag or two each of Jelly Beans, chocolate eggs, and easter time candy of your choice (We used M&Ms). Light up Easter-Egg picks are a MUST-HAVE…and the eggs can even be removed for the lights to be used for any holiday! If you don’t have any leftover Easter grass from last year, be sure to pick up a bag for added color and texture!


Carefully fill each egg with an assortment of goodies, using your produce netting or Easter grass as a base in the bottom of each…and secure closed. Vary a few different types and colors of treats in each egg to ensure a colorful rainbow of favors. You can also let your easter grass “poke out” of the sides, adding texture for something a little different. Simply fill a basket…or continue on the creative train with a table runner in minutes!



Once each egg is filled, lay out your foam flowers in an even row down your table, alternating colors. Place an egg cup on every other flower, and carefully place a filled egg in each cup. Next, lay down a few of the larger clear eggs on their side on the remaining flowers. Staggering heights adds dimension to your runner, while keeping each egg and egg cup anchored with each flower.


Next, take a handful of Easter grass and carefully fill a small vase. Gently poke through the grass with your Easter Egg picks, and fluff grass around as necessary to hide the battery pack. This light up lovely can serve as the center of attention on the table, or even brighten up a serving buffet.


If you’re in need of an eggs-tra Easter gift, and saving time and money is the key…stock up on Ghiradelli chocolates for a steal at the 99 Cent Store! These could even serve as place-cards for each guest in a pinch, by adding names to each Easter-hued box…as would our filled eggs!


With a little Spring sense, and very little CENTS…your Easter table and favors can come through in a flash. What egg-sential deals have you found this Spring that’ll be headed to your table?