Everything’s Springing Up Green!

Posted on Mar 15 2015 - 2:46pm by Jessi Meehan

With Spring about to be “Sprung”…we’ve been springing around the house making subtle changes with the changing of the season. Nothing says spring like fresh greenery, bright moss, tulips, lavender, lillies and more. We stocked up on a few festive additions, took a peek in the Spring box and pulled out a few buckets of glittery goodness (literally). Turning flower pots topsy turvy gives a new purpose to plain ol’ potted plants….check out the how-to for this simple outdoor centerpiece below! Each fresh floral was found at Trader Joes for under $4 a piece!

IMG_3834  IMG_3837

Turning over each glittery green bucket to add dimension gave a base for two of our flower-power players in this outdoor centerpiece, and provided contrast for our stand-alone tulips to shine. Using moss as an anchor to ground each silver pot atop our lime green buckets gives a fresh spring feel, with just a touch of shabby chic. Topping one bucket with another filling with fresh lillies gave the perfect amount of height, while adorning our single topsy turvy bucket with a single pot of lavender provided just the right variation for petal-perfect dimension.

IMG_3841  IMG_3842

Wrapping the tulips in raffeta we had on hand truly “tied in” our rustic spring theme, and brought each piece together in this bright floral trio.


Grounded quickly by three round lime green matching placemats…this outdoor trifecta of florals is ready to go! Stay tuned later this week for more marvelous spring-tastic and easy-Easter ideas as we take a peek back to last spring and make a few subtle changes that “spring about” big results!