Things are “Falling” into Place

Posted on Oct 18 2013 - 6:14pm by Jessi Meehan

Hey there, thanks for checking out Part Two of our Fall Décor day! We had such a good time doing all of this and we hope you scored some bits of quick & easy inspiration from our Practically Perfect time.  Grab your favorite cup of tea, and let’s get to work! So, picking up right where we left off: We were able to pull down our “Fall Box” as well as our “Halloween Box” and mix & match some items from both.  Do you keep your holiday & seasonal décor where you can find it easily? That’s a great “event basic” that will always help decorating & entertaining cheap & easy. It doesn’t take a lot of seasonal décor to make your house a home. The biggest part is knowing where to find things quickly.


One of the foundations to being able to decorate quickly & cost effectively is to always save what you have, and keep it organized so you can access it easily. We’ll be offering LOTS of tips in this arena as it’s a staple for how we run things! From our “Fall Box”…we were able to pull out a few great items:

  1. cloth leaves (Dollar Tree)
  2. table scatter (Dollar Tree)
  3. potpourri
  4. a saved wreath to be freshened up
  5. candy dishes

We also picked up a few new items from Dollar Tree:

  1. candy
  2. tealights
  3. fall colored paper goods like napkins & plates. (We were able to spend under $20 for ALL the paper goods we need through Christmas!)


  1. Try to hit the Dollar Store early in the season, as the good stuff goes fast.
  2. Try to buy paper goods in solid greens & autumn reds to last you right through Christmas, and patterns can limit when you can use them.

One great item from above that we used in almost ALL of our “focus points” were some great fabric leaves in bright fall colors from the Dollar Tree we bought last year. They still have some great ones available this year, as we just made a trip over there yesterday! We used them in our centerpieces, our candle arrangements, our front door piece, and even throughout the house in some of our year-round plants & décor to give them a fall-feel. Look for the large leaves on sticks/wires. A little leaf cluster can really be great finishing touch to an arrangement in a pinch.


 We also found some perfectly preserved Indian corn that we had saved in a bag from last year. Did you know that while you can’t save pumpkins or gourds….you CAN wrap up your dried indian corn to save for next year? Give it a try, and it might save you some serious bucks on next years decorating! TIP: Make sure you seal it up tight to protect against moisture, AND so critters can’t snack on it throughout the year.


Before we got started on arranging anything else: we grabbed some potpourri, spritzed it with new scented oil from Harvest Festival, Original Art & Craft Show…and put it in a new bag & sealed for a few hours to freshen up the scent. You can always add the same oil throughout the season when needed. It cost us very little to have fresh fall scents throughout the house!

When we pulled out our fall & holiday napkins, we layered them in a fall-ish napkin holder so that as we used them, we wouldn’t have to go back to pull out more for each occasion! It creates a cute color stripe scheme in the holder, and saves us some time by organizing itself at every party from Halloween through Christmas!

Speaking of different colors & carrying yourself through the holidays…another great tip is to keep some great lime-green pieces on hand if you can. Lime green is one of our signature colors and the great part about it is: it can carry you through almost ANY holiday! From “creepy” green Halloween décor, to mixing up your typical oranges & reds for fall, to any random birthday that might pop up, to throwing it in with some red and white for Christmas! It’s so versatile.

The ‘pieces de resistance’ were of course our main centerpieces.  We created one for indoors, and one for outdoors. It’s best to always start with a great big bowl or centerpiece that you already have.  Add the bigger pieces (pumpkins, larger corn, larger gourds & big pinecones) first…then start to “fill the holes” as we like to say with some smaller items, as well as little fillers such as leaves, bows, or table scatter.  The end result will be a big ol’ bowl of pretty fall pieces that you’ll be able to use for everything from small family dinners, to outdoor supper parties, to buffets for in-home meetings. We had a blast putting these together! Check out how versatile our centerpieces ending up being:

 Things are Falling Into Place:


Tea For Two:


We even Fall-ified our back patio!


Phew, that was a lot of fun…and we’re not even done yet! We still created a few more fun & fall-ish focus point in the house, and outside that we’ll be sharing with you shortly in PART THREE of our Fall Décor Day.


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