Ginny’s 4 Ingredient Too-Cool Lemon Ice Box Pie!

Posted on Jul 25 2014 - 4:32pm by Brenda Meehan

In keeping with our Lemon theme, we’re excited to share this 4 ingredient, quick and citrusy recipe! My kinda pie! Sure to amp up any Summer Soiree, as the temperatures rise. Our friend Ginny brought over this to-die-for Ice Box Pie as a dessert for our outdoor dinner. I couldn’t believe how delicious and totally unique it was! We ended up saving several leftover slices for ourselves, even for Chris who’s never been much of a “sweets” guy. This light and tangy dessert should definitely be making an entrance at your next summer get together! Thank you SO much, Ginny for this tried and true Pinterest favorite!




2 – 8oz cream cheese softened

1 – Can sweetened condensed milk

3/4 Cup lemon juice + a little lemon zest

1 – Store bought graham cracker pie crust (See our “go-to” Marie Callendar’s crust solution below!)

**Optional 3P Tip: Dress up each slice on a pretty plate with a slice of lemon**

The How-To:

Beat the cream cheese until no lumps are visible. Add the condensed milk, lemon juice and zest. Mix until smooth. Pour into the pie crust and refrigerate for 2 hrs. or overnight for a good chill.


For those of us who might be a little “culinarily challenged”…or even crunched for time: We also made a “delicious discovery” this week at our local Marie Callendar’s! Not only can you buy a graham cracker crust to get started on Ginny’s Ice Box Pie for only $4.99…but It’s also Lemonlicious Summer time at Marie Callendar’s!


They have an array of lemony and lucsious pies from Lemon Meringue to Strawberry Lemonade Cake Pie! I LOVE Strawberry Lemonade and might just have to give this one a try… You can buy a whole ready-made pie for between $7.99 and 14.99!  Learn more about their Lemonlicious offerings HERE, and be sure to pick up your crust to make Ginny’s yummy treat, or pick up a Strawberry Lemonade Cake Pie and try it…for me! Let us know how you like it!