Girlfriend Talk: A Fast & Fun Gift for a Great Lunch!

Posted on Oct 29 2013 - 4:25pm by Jessi Meehan

Hi guys! Just a quick post, today I am having lunch with Lizette, a dear friend of mine. As you can tell, I gift a lot because my friends are a priority and a significant gift in my life.


I know that today, my friend needs a little love, so off I went to the goodie cupboard to chose something special with some added personal touches. It took me less than 15 minutes, and cost me less than $6 to make a special gift that my friend loved so much…she photographed it and sent it to others.

Using Glue Dots to add festive finds (like these cute leaves) to a card just pulls everything together:


The final product! Quick, colorful, and guaranteed to make my girl smile:


Find out a Practically Perfect way to give both you & your pals and easy smile…we used:

  1. a cute lime green shower caddy – $1
  2. some pretty scented oil melt – $1
  3. a cute Halloween notepad – $0.25
  4. some yummy candy from the Dollar Tree – less than $0.25
  5. a few delicious bulk teas I picked up – less than $0.10
  6. a few ready to drink apple ciders – less than $0.10
  7. some beautiful cloth fall colored leaves – $1
  8. a nice card – $0.50
  9. a delicious scented hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works – $0.89

It’s all about finding some fast, inexpensive, and easy to help you find your happy place, by making someone you love happy.

What are some items you love to pick up as thoughtful and easy gift ideas? How do you get creative with what you have?

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