“Have a Good Day” with a DIY Edible Greeting and Breakfast Buffet!

Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 11:48am by Jessi Meehan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, here’s a 3P morning activity that will help get the kids to the breakfast table and start their day off with a surprise. “Have a Good Day”…simply spell it out in their favorite cereal, creating a cereal buffet that’s guaranteed to get your student smiling on their way to class.


All you need for a little morning magic is:

– One box of their favorite cereal (I love Multigrain Cheerios)
– Milk of your choice
– 2-3 bananas to slice
– a handful of strawberries to slice
– two small serving bowls for the fruit
– cereal bowls for the kids
– a baking sheet or tray
– optional parchment paper to lay everything down on (it makes arranging cereal much easier!)

cereal1 copy

1. Slice up your berries and bananas, and add them to their serving bowls.
2. Line tray with parchment paper, and arrange fruit bowls and cereal bowls on top. You won’t want to have to set them down after you’ve done your “cereal art”…or everything will slide a bit and become illegible. I learned this the hard way, twice. 🙂
3. Once everything else is in place, pour a good few handfuls of cereal onto your parchment paper or tray.
4. Carefully spell out “Have A Good Day” in cereal, making sure it’s easy to read.
5. Have your edible greeting prepped, awaiting your family as they arrive to the breakfast table. 

cereal2 copy

They can choose as much cereal and assorted fruit as they’d like…and it makes providing a nutritious breakfast a breeze! So craft on, readers…see if you can create custom cereal buffets, perhaps with different greetings! This would be great for a birthday, or even a holiday to start the morning off right!