Heart You Glad I Love You?! Pack Up a Little Lunch Time Love!

Posted on Feb 2 2015 - 5:40pm by Brenda Meehan

Make sure the kids (or the BIG kids) “feel the love” by making their sought-after sammie…heart-shaped cookie cutter easy. We found these heart shaped sandwich shapers + storage containers and thought what a wonderful way to show a little love at lunch time. Don’t have time to run out for tupperware? Fashion up a “hearty” lunch bag quick…all you need is a brown bag, a red paper napkin or two, and a Glue Stick!

IMG_2911 i love you note

1. Pack up this valentine’s lunch in a hurry: celebrate heart healthy month with these ideas. Try cucumber with neufchâtel sandwiches, or bread-less all natural ham & cheese slices, chicken salad with craisins, plus you can veg-out all red with heart shaped radishes, and fresh red peppers!


After you’ve made your sandwich, use the sandwich shaper to cookie-cut your sammie into a perfect heart! We scored this awesome sandwich cutter from Fresh and Easy on sale over the summer…but you can find large heart-shaped cookie and sandwich cutters at Bed Bath and Beyond HERE!




Slice radishes in half, and then trim a small triangle slice out of the top to create tiny hearts!
Add your veggies to a heart-print ziplock bag and you’re on a roll!


2. Cut out your own Valentine napkin magic: we re-purposed Christmas napkins into heart-tastic decorations! Cut heart shapes out of the middle of red napkins to create hearts to adorn the outside of your bag, plus confetti-esque pieces for the inside (just add Gluestick or GlueDots!)! Then, carefully trim off the edges of a larger napkin, making sure not to cut the fold, and create a full-heart for the kids to love at lunch time! Flowered Christmas napkins created easy lunch-time love, as reds and pinks are the perfect hues!




3. For a sweet finale: Slice up strawberries for an all natural heart shaped treat!

i love you note

Be sure to throw in a love-note for your Valentine…and your little love-bird will be singing a happy tune this Valentine’s Day!