Help a Bummed Out Friend Beat the Blues!

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 4:02pm by Jessi Meehan

Gotta girl friend with a case of the blues? Looking for a fast and friendly upbeat solution? Read along, as we have just the gift for you to beat those blues right into submission! Girlfriend Day is coming…buy up bargains at your favorite stores, and you can recreate gifts like these each for under $15 for your girls! We even created two cute printables “to boot” those blues right outta here!

beattheblues      IMG_4746

You can download your own “Beat The Blues” Printables for FREE right HERE and HERE!

Blue Drum Isolated Blue boxing gloves isolated on white background

Sometimes you need to offer some bluesy goodies to kick that chip off a shoulder! Especially, if you have a friend that’s been sad or to make someone’s day if they’ve been sick. We packaged one unique take on a pick-me-up by using our “green” recycled tissue box wrap. (Why not keep it green even when someone’s feeling blue?) Check out our tutorial on tissue box gift wrap HERE!

We had all of these “bodacious” blue  items on hand (after a few 3P Expert Savings Shopping Trips!), and they worked Practically Perfect! All in all, this little box of blues-beaters AND our “Beat The Blues” bag…were beyond affordable…and the packaging was almost free!

IMG_4739  beathebluesmac copy

We included:
– Yummy Corn Muffin Mix
– Kraft Mac & Cheese
– Warm Blue Socks
– Bubble Bath
– Blue Notecards
– Blue Fishy Ice Cube Maker
– Milano Cookies (Who doesn’t love these!?)
– A Funky Blue Mini Rainboots
– A few Baby Ruth Chocolates
– Blue Minty Gum
– Turquoise Tags
– Blue Mini Clothes Pins


…and yes, while carefully arranged…a special selection of treats are positioned beautifully in this recycled tissue box! Can you believe it? That alone would beat my blues anyday! I took care in placing each item kind of like a puzzle, and VOILA! It turned out to be a perfect fit! Only took a few minutes, a couple bucks, and a little blues-inspired creativity to make.


We also built this Beat The Blues Gift Bag! It’s packed with comfort food, a bubble bath, a cool drink, warm socks, and a few small delights. Who wouldn’t feel better after all of that? (And still under $15!) We ribboned this gift up with a funky blue fly swatter too…because you never know when you may have to actually “swat” those blues away! 😉


How will you help YOUR friends or family “beat the blues”? Got any unique takes on pick-me-up gifts? We’d love to hear about them! Share away!