It’s GOLD and how we roll for a 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Posted on Jul 5 2015 - 4:53pm by Brenda Meehan

Ready set and roll with items on hand to make an impromptu gathering special yet practical. So here’s the scoop…our Wednesday night couples Small Group from Church is ending next week and a potluck is planned at our house. I get an email from Debbie informing me that our leader and very good friend Ginny and her husband Craig are celebrating their 50th anniversary the day after our meeting.


Here is our stressless, simple and cost effective soiree on the fly – Theme – Gold of course, since that is the metal that boasts a 50th Anniversary. So dear readers, you will recognize items from our Academy Awards box, Christmas box, after Christmas sales, and Marissa’s shower.


I went on a scavenger hunt through shelves and boxes and found treasures such as gold napkins, plates, wrap, bows and linens, candles and holders, and of course filled some champagne glasses I filled with Bridal Bling-Bling. Now I’ve got everything gathered to create a festive yet simple special 50th for Ginny and Craig! We will deck the dining room with glittering gold décor and design a coordinating tablescape.

The Secret Service and Debbie are in charge. A group email will go to each couple, and of course omitting our honorary twosome from getting in on our anniversary surprise. One couple will offer to bring dessert – 50th Anniversary Ice Cream Cake that will surely “melt” everyone’s hearts while being the perfect dessert in the heat, and 3P will uncork a sentimental champagne toast. As for a gift, a heartfelt card, gold glittering bow and a $ 50.00 dinner gift certificate. Gold coins were repurposed from our beautiful bridal shower just a few weeks prior!


This is not a full-fledged, expensive time intensive gala – simply stated it is friends showing other friends they love them in an easy, earnest and emotionally caring gesture. Happy 50th Anniversary – Craig and Ginny – We love you!