It’s Never Too Late for Christmas Cookies and Cards!

Posted on Dec 23 2013 - 7:20pm by Jessi Meehan

The holidays are often a time for long-held family traditions, as well as creating new traditions and holiday memories.  My Mom and I have a Christmas tradition every year, where we go through all of the Christmas and holiday (even birthday, etc) cards we’ve received throughout the year. We keep every card in our ice bucket in the kitchen cupboard which helps us to store them, and keep them all together for a year to enjoy them once more and reminisce. We pick an afternoon to pour ourselves a cup of apple cider, grab a few Christmas cookies, and enjoy all of the memorable greetings we received.


It’s something we both look forward to, and some years it’s truly remarkable to see just how much has happened in a year. To see photos, traditional “Christmas Letters”, and thoughtful notes from everyone we love…sometimes it can get us a little emotional. We save all of the greetings, notes, and thank you’s. We cut and save the front of some cards to decorate shoeboxes for OCC, and even to craft special gifts. A useful 3P holiday tip is to recycle pretty pieces like the fronts of Holiday cards and even wrapping paper…to craft a “practically perfect” gift for someone you love later in the year or use as a note card. AND…while you’re going through your cards, and reliving all the moments and kind words…you may realize someone you forgot to send a card to. Well, it’s never too late! Keep a few New Years and thank you cards on hand to send out to anyone who accidentally missed your list.

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