It’s That Time Again…Warm Up with Fall-tastic Decor!

Posted on Nov 4 2014 - 10:30pm by Brenda Meehan

A fabulous time of the year is when fall greets our doorstep. As temperatures drop, and colors become warm, shades of autumn are abundant. “Fall”-ow 3P for simple home decor inspiration, straight out of the fall box and into the focus points of our humble abode. A few pumpkins on the front porch in 3’s and 5’s…two go-to wreaths displayed two ways…and we’re off and running.

IMG_7608  IMG_7610

By allowing our indoor wreath-rack to get a breath of fresh air, a trusty “stand-by” becomes the new gal in town! Stacking pumpkins in and around a standing planter creates dimension right on our doorstep!

IMG_9539 copy  dorr


Our entry way hosts hellos and happens to be a focus point for seasonal decor. By adding a few pops of vibrant fall color via two faux floral rings, and a leaf bouquet, we surrounded a favorite vase we feature daily. Fall has now come to call right as visitors walk in the front door without hindering or cluttering our permanent look. Think of changing decor like the changing of the leaves…we’re simply adding complimentary colors and textures to our daily beautiful background. You needn’t go “all out” to see some subtly sweet differences.

IMG_7517    IMG_7532

Welcoming family and friends into the kitchen with 3 key pieces brings the awesomeness of autumn without feeling overwhelming. Simple touches such as fresh pumpkins, contrasting with autumn event box selections: glass gourd collectables, a small “whisk broom”, fuschia-tinted fall leaves, and a sprinkling of sparkling table scatter (all from years past) makes our kitchen island a fall oasis in no time.  3P Event Basic: Inventory and then choose existing items from the Fall Event Box saves time and funds. Freshen up with a perky pumpkin + a scented candle and old meets new! Last year we featured a favorite gift crafted by a friend, our glowing fall light box, which illuminates our cooking space with it’s signature warm glow!


A centerpiece will always be the center of attention on any kitchen table. This year, we kept it simple with pumpkins on sale, mixed and matched with a witchy wicker pumpkin we love! Last year we showed this shabby chic piece on our dining room table, but this year he had a little relocation to the kitchen . You don’t have to run out and buy something new each season, by adding new changes to “old staples”…old becomes new again.

IMG_7549  IMG_9532 copy

This year we chose to surround one of our favorite lamps with “autumn accoutrements” and added new faux gourds to the mix, which were a real steal at Michael’s. Indian corn, bright leaves, and a pumpkin figurine tied Halloween right into fall in this focus point. Now that trick or treating has passed, we can easily reach into the fall event box and simply swap out spooky additions for turkey-time treasures. Easily transition between holidays by adding and subtracting tiny touches…less mess, more fun!

IMG_7593 IMG_7600

Tiny touches around the living room: why not create a bouquet of faux fall leaves in a country chic gardening can? In minutes, by gathering a “smattering” of faux leaves…we’ve created a colorful addition to our living space, at no cost and almost no time.  The best part? These pieces can double as centerpieces when company is coming. Easily interchangeable for entertaining! Swapping out lime green summer candles for autumn hues, with a matching pumpkin and of course…more leaves…our back table area screams autumn…but in a subtle whisper. 🙂

As we call fall home this season, remember that stress is less when you get a early start.