It’s Time to Potty…Bright Ideas for Baby (and Mommy too)!

Posted on Feb 25 2015 - 4:07pm by Brenda Meehan

It didn’t rain but it poured…baby showers that is! We were invited to two other private baby showers and thought these pink and blue ideas for gifts and games galore were true examples of what to do when you’re planning your next baby event. Thought we’d drop a few ideas we’ve picked up lately before the stork makes his big delivery!

1. Unique gifting… “It’s Time to Potty!” This was our version of a baby gift basket gone toddler! This memorable present was a blast to put together for baby as well as useful and unique. It was a group effort between us and our good “frieder” Julie! Ingredients to packing up our potty time gift:

BS2 BS4 copy

1. We purchased an Arm & Hammer 3 in one training-potty that can stand alone, be used on the toilet, and then coverts into a stool! WOW…the things you can find these days!
2. We tucked in a pack of training pants + underoos for when they’re ready!
3. Also included a few extra items for fun such as an outfit or two, a washing mit, and more.
4. Dressed  it up with confetti accents, balloons, and a fun printable which you can download and print HERE! **Also be sure to follow tip #2 and include a book in leiu of a card. We tucked ours into a washing mit that doubled as our envelope.



2. A book for baby instead of a card gives Mommy a bevy of books to chose from for bedtime and always. Make a memorable gift basket from a bucket or pail of baby goodies that are both useful and handy when baby comes along + some comfy socks for Mom! We put these together for a baby shower on a budget and spent $10 per basket thanks to the Dollar Store…including everything from brushes to bibs!

babybooks shower

3. Sending out simple and cute invites can set the mood for the party, and even get guests “in theme” should you choose one. Hallmark make it easy with awesome options HERE…where you can choose to customize and save to email yourself, print for snail-mail yourself, OR…Hallmark can do the work for you! Be sure to get started about a month out to give guests time to reply.

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4. It’s simply not a shower without a few games, and some fun decor! An old favorite is to pin each attendee with a diaper pin (or swap for clothes pins that won’t damage party outfits), and if they cross their legs or say baby…they’re out of the running for the grand prize. Another new game we recently played was to cut a piece of ribbon to guess mommy’s tummy size…the closest guess wins! We also really enjoyed a nursery rhyme trivia game that had the whole party chanting lyrics to songs we knew from long ago!

measuring-pregnant-belly-at-baby-shower   161179-198x275-Diaper-pins

Our good friend Debbie and her daughter/mom-to-be Laura held a whale of a shower with everything from anchors away, to diaper cakes, guessing games, selfie booths, themed cakes and more! We had a wonderful time being “showered” with goodies and laughter throughout the afternoon!
PicMonkey Collage

With these four tips in mind, you’ll be sure to shower your guests with joy, and Mama will be marveled! What ideas are the soon-to-be-Moms rocking in your world? Be sure to shower us with your suggestions!