JESSI’S ON THE MOVE! Helpful House Warming and Hamper Hints

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 1:55pm by Brenda Meehan

So the Practically Perfect Mom picked and packed a personal yet practical Bowl of Beauties to help Jessi move into her new home!


3P Tip # 1: Pick something that is personal. Jessi loves old fashioned Coca-Cola memorabilia – So instead of a bucket; the basket of choice is a pretty plastic bowl a-la Coke.


3P Tip #2: I wanted a practical buddy to accompany her in the front seat of her car and to be handy for all that household cleaning that happens first before the big move-in – items that are a moving must but can easily get forgotten or misplaced.

3P Tip #3: Items that are helpful but may lighten your laundry room cupboards. When I dug into my stock of cleaning supplies – being the tidy and “slightly OCD” Mom that I am, I had lot’s to share. Sound familiar?

jessi2 jessi6

Ala Carte Interesting Gift Items

I used – but feel free to customize for your favorite friend or a family member that is moving –
– Laundry Detergent samples
– Garbage bags – rolled to bunch out as blooming roses
– Tissue, Toilet paper, and Paper Towels – don’t want any of the girls involved to pee without “TP” (LOL)
– Scrub Brush, Plastic Gloves, Wash Clothes, and Dish Towels
– Floor and all purpose cleaners, + dish washing detergent
– Pen and Sticky notes for helpful move-in reminders, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST – Light and lighten the way to a great and green move-in with some energy saver lightbulbs!

 Any other idea’s for Jessi’s bountiful “move-in bowl” – we’d love to hear from you!