Loving Life With a Boom of Baby Showers!

Posted on Feb 19 2015 - 4:26pm by Brenda Meehan

3P’s newest bundle of joy is about to arrive and you’re invited! It’s raining baby layette’s as we shower Women’s Resource Center’s with baby gifts galore to benefit new Moms at risk. Our Love Life baby event has all of the elements of a personal baby shower, we’re just sizing things up, adding some hearts, and throwing in a bit of education about a near-to-our-hearts non-profit. All the while, eating gourmet cupcakes and noshing on easy and yummy apps.

LLBC1top LLBC1bottom1

Check out the ABC’s of our new community event: 3P Tip…these can be used for a personal shower with a group of friends trying to stay budget savvy. 

abc  valentines-day-baby-41

Anna and I are leading our church outreach team as we brainstorm budget savvy ideas, divide duties, and create decor that pulls double duty (not diaper duty) as baby gifts for Women’s Resource Medical Center! Our mid afternoon menu how-to’s + prepping for 50 guests without over-burdening the team:

– We had 15 outreach peeps gather and graciously offer to each chip in and create the baby shower essentials. Saturday February 21st is our due date, purposely planning for just after Valentine’s day to tie in the Love Life theme! Plus, we can grab all the deals for take home gifts and extra decor + misc items.

For menu prep we divvied up our duties in 50’s so everyone can achieve their commitment goals.

– 100 cucumber slices piped with cream cheese. This is an excellent option for guests who are gluten free. 


100 dainty deviled eggs. Check out the Man Cave’s Crab Stuffed Deviled Eggs HERE!

deviled eggs

– 2 large cheese and cracker platters made with love. These are a fantastic savory option when you’re delegating your delectables between team members. 


– 50 red velvet cupcakes with vibrant pink icing, inspired by Marti and family! You can also score an awesome Groupon for cupcakes from the Cupcakery HERE! Less work, and soooo yummy!

cupcake copy

– 50 succulent strawberry and glazed donut skewers, Cheri’s idea that we featured that go perfectly with our heart theme. Take a look back at these babies HERE!


– served with pitchers of pink punch and love-life logo’d water!

Here’s a sneak peek of our rosey romper flower pot centerpieces made from baby clothes and our ab-fab onesie garland!


Simply string a number of onesies along a piece of crafty raffeta with a few trendy clothespins…and you’ve got your garland! Stay tuned to see how we’ll be dressing ours up with paper hearts!

Our romper rose pots will be decorated with additional goodies, creating centerpieces made simple!


Check out the how-to for rosey romper bouquets HERE! All of our decor will then be donated and will add to our goal of lovely layette’s for all of our new Moms. We’re loving life, and loving prepping for this event! Stay tuned this week for more baby shower gifts + our grand finale!