Make Your At-Home Oscar Party Shine with Five Hollywood Hints!

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 4:40pm by Brenda and Jessi Meehan

With yesterday’s sparkling table set with stars and FOR the stars…it’s time to get a Judge’s “green room” prepped for the at-home Oscar party of the year! By quickly creating a few must-have red carpet elements, transform your home into the ultimate Academy Award experience! With these 5 tips…your “green room” is sure to be an OSCAR WORTHY performance.


1. A red carpet entrance! Walking the red carpet can be as easy as red fabric or even a red plastic tablecloth secured with clear tape can be turned into a runner, ready for “celebrity guests”.


2. Fun faux mic’s, judge’s ballots on tinsel-town gold adorned clip boards, and “star of the party” pens make guest-tallying convenient and glitzy! Every year, we try to add a little something to our “Academy Award Box” to bring a new element of fun for our party pals arrival. Plate stands or small easels can be used for added dimension, and Glue Dotting a simple gold star plate to standing decor can add a Hollywood Walk Of Fame feel. Be sure to download and print your own 2015 Oscar’s Ballot HERE from Fandango!

PicMonkey Collage3

3. Fast favors turned into swag bags! Dollar store star bags and swizzle sticks topped with gold striped tissue quickly completes a star studded feel + a touch of dimension to any table. Another must-have is creating credentials to really give that VIP feel upon arrival with “backstage access” lanyards.

4. Dress up the bar with a boa! Draping a luxurious feather fashion piece around your martini-making station adds a paparazzi worthy fashion statement in moments!

PicMonkey Collage4

5. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly. Old trophies (whether from sports wins from the kids…or even an award like the Miss Universe pageant…if you just happen to have one laying around…LOL) can double as statues given to the best (or worst) dressed judge in the green room, the most creative commentary, etc. Have fun! The more laughter, the better…it’s about the experience…not the extravagance.

PicMonkey Collage45

So, gather up what you have on hand, pick up a few on-sale sparkling additions from your favorite “haunts” and watch the “magic” of the movies unfold right at home. We’ll be filling out our ballots and prepping our Hollywood faux-fashion for commentary soon…can’t wait to see YOU on the Red Carpet!