Man Cave: Date Night?

Posted on Jan 17 2014 - 9:13am by Chris Meehan

Inside the Cave –

Lots of great football action this last couple of weeks! BCS National Champion Florida State winning a very exciting game at the last second; NFL Wild Card Weekend; the NFL Divisional Playoff’s, and now the NFC/AFC Championship games this weekend with New England at Denver and SF at Seattle! The Man Cave’s the place to be!


Anyway, I’ve obviously been spending a bit of time enjoying the games, while Brenda, my wife of 20 years (who unfortunately is NOT a football fan) finds other things to do while I’m having some of my fun.

Being the ever thoughtful person that I am (I hope…) I came up with a plan for both of us to make absolutely sure we have some special time together, especially during football season – DATE NIGHT!

Outside the Cave –

Every now and then we declare it’s “Date Night” and being event planners, we now alternate which one of us is responsible to plan a special night out. Could be as simple as dinner and a movie (I reluctantly give in more to “chick flick requests” during football season…) or any number of things. Part of the fun can be making whatever you’re doing a surprise for the other person. The point is FUN, time together out of the house, and not expensive. It could be something as simple as getting dressed– putting on the best dress each of us has, also applying some perfume (which could be found at an affordable budget at, so that we can smell good to each other and spruce up things between us– and going out to have a long walk holding each other’s hands. Yes, for those who have not really tried this, walking miles with your spouse is fun and inexpensive. Most importantly, it improves the bond between couples.

A special “upgrade” idea we came up with is that a once a month we get massages, or dry needling acupuncture to recuperate our muscles. Plus we both love a little spa time. Massage Envy (nationwide) offers great deals to keep the cost reasonable ($ 110 per month). We usually then go home to a relaxing evening and have a simple but nice dinner that I have planned. This is also much cheaper than an expensive dinner at a restaurant and it commits us to one of our “Date Nights” for the month!

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Try it if you haven’t yet! Maybe a surprise night out, or if you can’t go out…she walks in and you’ve set a table and have a nice dinner planned! Dinner at another couple’s house with and drinks and cards…It all works, it’s great for the relationship (and if you need it, maybe an always treasured “Get Out of Jail Free Card!”)

What’s your favorite “Date Night” idea? Share it with us, and enter to win a $50 gift card to try out Massage Envy! Every comment enters you for a chance to win before February 7th…just in time for Valentine’s Day!