Man Cave: It’s In The Dip!

Posted on Jan 28 2014 - 8:58am by Chris Meehan

Inside the Cave – OK, since our last post you’ve now got your Super Bowl Betting Pool all ready to go for your party (you’ll have a blast with it!); and now you’re probably thinking: FOOD.

A little known fact in western society is that a properly done Super Bowl party is also known as a “Destroyer of New Year’s Resolutions”…Goodbye diet plan!

Get ready for a great game and lots of fun food!  Now almost everyone has a “signature” appetizer or dish that they’re known for, and look forward to sharing it at parties.  Here at 3P, we’ve got three (of course) to share with you today!  They are extremely popular party dips that maker is almost always asked to make for their party or bring to someone else’s.

First up:

Jen’s – Don’t Skimp on the Shrimp Dip!


INGREDIENTS   (and it only takes about 10 minutes max. to make):

– 1, 4 oz or 4 ¼ oz. can of tiny shrimp  (drain well after opening)
– 1 cup mayo
– 1 green onion, (finely shop the entire onion from top to bottom)
– 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
– A few drops of mustard or Dijon mustard (to taste)
– A few drops of Tabasco Sauce (to taste)

Drain/wash the shrimp thoroughly, pat dry with paper towels and then crumble it into a medium size bowl.

Add the ingredients together and mix them well.  You may want to add a little more Dijon and or Tabasco Sauce to taste.

*3P Tip:  This is a great dip to let sit overnight (or at least for a few hours) as the flavors mix together really well.  One less thing to do the day of your party!  Best served with Ruffles Potato Chips or your favorite crackers.  Thank you Jen!

Second up:

Tony’s  – “Puerto Backyarda” Fresh Guacamole!


This is a truly “good for you” authentic and healthy Mexican guacamole, so when your having bites of all the other great tasting (fattening) stuff, you can come over and have a nibble of this great tasting healthy one to sort of compensate!

INGREDIENTS   (it takes about 20 minutes to make):

*  2,   large avocados
*  ¼,  bunch of diced fresh Cilantro
*  ¼,  medium diced white onion
*   1,  small diced tomato
*   1,  green Serrano Pepper  (very finely diced…and/or – if the pepper is not hot to taste, add 1-2 oz. canned diced hot jalapeño) **3P Tip:  I use the canned jalapeno as I find it easier to measure the degree of spice heat I want in the dish.  Tony’s way better than I am with the usage of real Serrano Peppers.
* small amount of Lemon Juice

Add all ingredients into bowl (with avocados WHOLE); then mash in bowl.

*3P Tip:  Don’t super mash the avocados; they should be slightly CHUNKY; not smooth.  Salt and Pepper to taste.

Option:  You might want to add some shredded Mexican cheese to the top of the guacamole (do not mix the cheese in).  Serve with Tortilla Chips. I’ve served Tony’s recipe a lot of times, and I’ve had quite a few people tell me it’s the best guacamole dip they ever had.   Thanks Tony!

Lastly – “In Queso you missed it” …..

Chris’ – Man Cave “Con Queso” Dip (It’s MINE!!)


I posted this one before, but because it really is always such a big hit and when I make it, we thought we’d add it again as this is a great Football Party dip (or for any party…)

*3P Tip:  This is something that you play around with the ingredient mix a few times until you find the right mix for your tastes.


*  1, pound box of Velveeta Cheese (preferably “Velveeta Mexican”) flavor.
*  1, 10 oz. – 12 oz. jar of regular Salsa (mild, and don’t use a “flavored” salsa.)
*  1, 7 oz. can of diced Green Chiles  (Mild)
*  1, 4 oz. can of diced Jalapenos (Hot)
*  Large bag of Tortilla Chips (regular, not a “flavored” type”)

Cut all of the cheese into smaller ¼ inch slices/squares, put into a pot on the stove.

Add in roughly 5oz. – 6oz. of the salsa; and stir well BEFORE heating.

Under low heat, slowly melt the mixture together

*3P Tip:  The cheese can burn easily if the heats too high, stir slowly but constantly.

While still heating, add in about 3 oz. of the diced green chiles

*3P Tip:  If you can’t find “Velveeta Mexican”; use regular Velveeta and 1-2 oz. extra diced Green Chiles to start with, and you may want to add a little more Salsa too.

The diced Jalapeno is something to add in increments, as you taste the dip in stages.

The more of this you add, the spicier it gets (fast).

While still heating, start with 1 oz.; for a mild dip. (I usually use 2 oz. for company.)

If you want it spicier, add another ½ oz., still hotter, another ½ oz., etc.

Keep stirring until all the cheese has melted, and the dip is heated to hot.

If you find it got too spicy and you have any extra Velveeta, add a little more cheese in and it will dilute the chilies with the extra cheese.

Prep and serving time (once you’ve done it a few times) is approx.. 15 minutes.

*3P Tip:  Best served in a small crock-pot type dish that will keep it hot.  Suggest stirring it every now and then. If you don’t have a crock-pot and want to re-heat it, it’s best to do it in the same pot you cooked it in.  You can also microwave it, but I find that it makes the dip get “runny” if you over do it.

You can make this the day before if you want to.

Simply put the pan in the fridge overnight.  Take it out an hour before to get it closer to room temperature, and then re-heat it on the stove (low heat), stirring constantly so it doesn’t burn.


Oh, and hey guys…who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl? Let us know your team or share your favorite dip recipe too!

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  1. Tania Atack January 28, 2014 at 11:08 am -

    YUMMY!!! Great dips recipe, and yes forget the diet and enjoy the Game. Lots of offers for SUPER BALL Parties, just bring the ingredients for Margaritas and we are all set.
    Great photos Jessi!

    • Chris Meehan January 31, 2014 at 10:35 am -

      Have a great party! Let us know what you think of the dips, and I’m sure you’ll have a Margarita.