May The Party-Force Be With You: A Jedi-Themed Star Wars Birthday Bash

Posted on Jan 11 2015 - 8:52pm by Jessi Meehan

Light Sabers, Yoda Soda, Storm Trooper Pops and more…celebrate like a Jedi with a Star Wars birthday! Getting older doesn’t mean having any less fun, and my good friend proved this to every “padawan” who came to the party. Having a galactic bash on budget can be done simply when the stars align…here are a few jedi-training how-to’s! A movie-screening was on the menu…and we screened all three films from the trilogy throughout the night!

Star+Wars+Party+backdrop star12

For the table backdrop, she used a black plastic tablecloth and splattered it with white paint to look like the galaxy. She traced the Star Wars logo on white card stock, and actually used GlueDots (thanks to 3P) to hang it! For the planets and Death Star hanging above the table, she used some paper lanterns that she had on hand and spray painted them. She loved them so much, she left them hanging for months afterward! Black favor bags bought from the Dollar Store were filled with popcorn from home, and decorated with Star Wars Angry Birds logos found for free online.

Storm+Trooper+Pops        Death+Star+Donuts

Small signs, decked out in Star Wars theme…labeled each sweet treat that was offered! Etsy is chock full of fantastic vendors that can help make a themed party a reality in moments, with free/affordable printables for everything from food labels, to favors. Unfortunately the Etsy Shop that featured the labels she printed has taken down their online storefront…but there are many others to chose from! You can still download R2D2 party cup printables HERE!

Luke  Lightsabers  Star Wars Party Food R2D2 Cups

Boxes wrapped in silver tissue elevated snacks and treats on the table. Luke’s Light Saber snacks were crowd pleasers crafted from large pretzel sticks dipped in melted bakers chocolate from Winco. Chocolate can be scored in a rainbow of colors in the bulk section! (We did tease her a bit, as she labeled them “Luke’s lightsabers” and yet they were the colors of Yoda and Darth’s sabers…)

Yoda soda was served along side Death Star Donuts, Light Sabers, and Storm Trooper Pops. To make Yoda Soda, she mixed a 2 liter of lemon lime soda, with a half gallon of lime green sherbet! The result was tart and tangy…the perfect non-boozy beverage.  The donuts were simple donut holes from her local Albertsons, and Storm Trooper pops were large marshmallows perched on silver chevron straws (from Dollar Tree), dipped in corn starch and then blue sprinkles.

starwars   lightsaber

Darth Vader confetti, rings, and small toys were purchased from Party City and scattered throughout the house…and of course…everyone received a light saber to “battle” with.  Light Sabers can be ordered from GlowSource in bulk for $2 a saber! Watching a room full of adults light up light sabers was quite the scene, and we had way too much fun! However…the real “show stopper”…was the cake. Everyone pitched in to give the gift of a seriously spectacular Darth Vader cake, complete with cupcakes surrounding. It was so perfect, that nobody wanted to eat it! LOL We snacked on cupcakes…and we still talk about this remarkable piece of tasty art to this day! Pastry Palace outdid themselves!

darthcake copy

I hope you gain some intergalactic inspiration from this birthday blast-off. Let us know if you have a little (or not so little) Jedi in your life in need of a stellar celebration, and how to plan to party with your “padawans”!