Merry Christmas To Me…From The Man Cave!

Posted on Dec 8 2014 - 9:07pm by Chris Meehan

Inside the Cave – I have a sacred family duty, (well, a few actually) but this one is in the true tradition of maintaining our never ending effort to keep up with the GRISWALD’S of the movie “Christmas Vacation” fame. It’s something I love that gets me excited for Christmas…especially our indoor garlands I hang every year. At the end of the day, when I’m able to sit back, turn on the lights…and take a moment to admire it all…that is definitely my “Merry Christmas To Me”.


We used to co-own a national award winning drive-through Holiday Light Show here in Las Vegas named “The Gift of Lights”, and it had millions of lights. You could even clearly see it flying over the city! Anyway, it became very hard not to go overboard each year at our house as we’d borrow a few Holiday Light Displays from the event, and then add a whole bunch of store bought lights to augment it. The family and our neighbors loved it! We once brought in a very large animated LED arch and put it over the entryway into our driveway. You could see it from two miles away! What a hoot that was! Well, times have changed but our enthusiasm to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas hasn’t, and it all starts with pulling out the Christmas Lights one morning while the kids are here to help and make a fun family project out of it!

IMG_0436 copy

This year, I laid out the power cables, John was on the ladder and hanging lights (and it was fun to include his girlfriend Margaret this year!), Jessi was also attaching lights and of course taking pictures, and our oldest daughter Marissa, was there for awhile providing invaluable “moral support!” We then topped everything off with hanging garlands inside, and at the end of each night when I get to plug them in and take in the sight – it’s truly a Merry Christmas to Me!


I’m really fond of the few hours spent all together as a family, and the best part was going out as soon as it got dark that Friday night and plugging it all in (a true Griswold experience, as we love to joke about!) Fun to just take in the sights together and my way to get into the Christmas spirit, (and it took less than 2 hours to do it!)

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