One More Sleep Until Mother’s Day…Mimosas, Brunch, and More!

Posted on May 10 2014 - 11:59am by Jessi Meehan

We’re gearing up for an awesome Mother’s Day with nearly our whole clan! All of the Moms will be celebrating with Mimosas, an incredible brunch spread, cards, gifts, and of course the fun that comes along with such a large family gathering. We can’t wait. Before we get started, we wanted to share a quick idea for Mother’s Day Mimosas, and also share what we’re bringing to the table for brunch tomorrow!

We’re loving that the weather in Vegas is so warm, but nobody likes a warm (or watered down) Mimosa! So, here at 3P we make OJ Ice Cubes the day before our Mimosa brunch to keep everyone’s drinks cold while we catch up and enjoy each other’s company! Simply add your favorite OJ to an ice cube tray or two….freeze for about 3 hours (or overnight) and in the morning you’ll have the perfect chiller for your beverages. I even use it in my Pellegrino to give it a little flavor!


We’re also bringing our delicious Blarney Bake to brunch, which you could whip up in a snap if you’re going “potluck” for Mom’s Day! It’s enough to feed a whole crew, and it’s super tasty. I know Brenda’s book club really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to making it again. I also know the ever-so-Irish Meehan clan is going to dig this tomorrow! Check out the recipe HERE on the blog!


And keep things light and fresh, we’re adding our fruit kebabs to the mix! You can make these really easily as a fresh and healthy dessert, and they’ll go pretty far with a big party. We saw tons of fresh fruit on sale at our local Vons, so these could be a fast and fun way to make sure your family has a sweet treat after brunch! See how to slice and dice these up, plus how to make a fluffy yogurt dip for them HERE!

IMG_0822 copy

We hope these ideas make it to YOUR Mother’s Day table! What are YOU bringing to brunch? Or lunch…or dinner…LOL. Let us know below in a comment, or HERE on our Facebook page! Have an awesome “Mother’s Day Eve” and we’ll see you tomorrow! 😉