Orange You Glad We’re Friends!?

Posted on Jul 26 2014 - 2:09pm by Brenda Meehan

Practically Perfect Planner thought we’d juice things up! Looking for a different take on bright and citrusy gift giving? By now you know how much we LOVE Sunshine Boxes (so does everyone on Pinterest)…and here at 3P we cultivated a fruity flair of our own. It’s Summertime, we love fresh and healthy fruit….but we also love the gesture of spontaneous gift giving around a few of our favorite things! Our first 3P basic when starting any “event” from a table, to a meal or gift…is to chose your THEME and stick to it…well this time…it’s ORANGES! Also, you’ll want to pick the amount you’d like to spend…this box was just under $15.


National Girlfriend Day is only 4 days away! Squeeze out a few minutes in your schedule and throw love in a box, by fashioning up an “Orange You Glad We’re Friends?” Gift Box with a FREE 3P downloadable PRINTABLE HERE! You know your friends will be BEYOND glad…and you’ll be glad you made them smile. Especially on our very own day dedicated to showing each other how much we care. Personalizing a few precious items for your BFF says “Orange You Glad We’re Friends” more than the amount you spend.

When we were running around hunting for orange delectables, we snagged a plethora of fruity pieces from our favorite haunts: Michael’s, Dollar Tree, and Pier1. Orange YOU glad we do the discovery work for you? 😉


We started off similar to our Sunshine Boxes, but this time with an Orange photo box from Michael’s and added orange colored straws, candles, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, candy jar filled with orange sweets, tea-towel, tissue, pens, scrub-brush, and more!


We used faux oranges, but for a fresh dose of vitamin C, you could use real oranges!

You can download the printable label HERE, and of course….be sure to GlueDot it on securely!


We’re so glad we’re friends, awesome readers…”Orange You”!? 😉