Orchids on Ice!? The Practically Perfect Plan for Fresher Flowers!

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 8:34am by Jessi Meehan

Orchids are beautiful flowers, and they’re a personal family favorite with the Meehan clan. My Grandma Paula absolutely adores orchids, I wore orchids to prom, and we even have a beautiful orchid plant in our kitchen as we speak. Orchids are also VERY popular to give to recent graduates! Now, taking care of plants and flowers can sometimes feel like a daunting task, I know I was a self-described plant-killer for many years until I learned a few tricks of the trade (and set watering reminders…Haha).


A few weeks ago, while my Mom was in Canada visiting my Aunt Rena and her family, she called us with a little secret she learned from Mrs. Pulice, Rena’s Mom. It wasn’t a recipe, or advice about love…but a secret to keeping your orchids thriving throughout the Summer: watering them with ICE CUBES.


Orchids thrive when they get cold water fed to them slowly, and that’s not always the easiest method for on-the-go gals (and guys) like us…so by learning that we could feed our flowers with a few ice cubes to keep them happy, we were thrilled! Whether you already have an orchid plant, or you’re planning on picking one up from the florist (our local Albertsons often has them on-sale!) for yourself, a grad, or a friend…try this trick.

Do you have any “green thumb” secrets to keeping your plants bright and fresh?