Real or Fake? Questions from the Man Cave (+ 10 Tree Decorating Party Tips!)

Posted on Dec 19 2013 - 10:57pm by Jessi Meehan

From Chris:

Inside the Cave –

It’s been great watching NFL football this season (and my Fantasy Team is doing great!)  While watching the games a re-occurring and more frequently discussed Man Cave question keeps coming up – REAL OR FAKE? While many of you are immediately thinking the attributes of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (I swear it never crossed MY mind….); this topic for my next Holiday Project after putting up the outside Christmas Lights is – The Christmas Tree.

Real or Fake?  We have this discussion every year as we determine whether to get another real Christmas Tree, or break with family tradition and get a fake one.  I have to admit the fake one’s are more real looking every year, and certainly appear easier to deal with, and I suppose in the long run less expensive.


Outside the Cave –

It’s my job to get the tree, and I vote REAL.  Walking through the Christmas Tree lots and experiencing the incredible smell of the fresh trees, touching the branches and feeling the tree needles, it’s the next big Holiday moment for me personally.  Gotta find the perfect size, shape, and with the right top to the tree so your favorite decoration will fit.  Narrow it down to a few, then select the best one for our family and friends to enjoy.

The next best feeling is getting it into the house and placed, and then the room fills up with that great fresh Christmas Tree smell (everyone loves it), and then continues to waft into other parts of the house as well….   NICE. And then onto the decorations, but more on that later.

3P Note:  Don’t forget to pre-determine the ideal diameter and especially the height of the tree that works best for the room your tree will go into (including any top of the tree ornament.)  Plus, it always helps to take a tape measure with you to the tree lots! Also, try to keep your tree stand from year to year, it can save you approx.. $ 25.00; and lastly the lots almost always are willing to give you a few freshly cut branches that are laying around, ask if you can have a couple, you can use them in the house for decoration and they smell great!

Back Inside the Cave –

LASTLY, to answer that universal question of  “Real of Fake?” my answer is – REAL!


From Jessi and Brenda…


The tree after lights and bows, but before ornaments and crafts.


Our “Party Girl Candy Cane Reindeer” crafts


Our “Snowcones” that we crafted with friends.


Our friend and her Granddaughter helping us with crafts and the nativity scene.


The completed nativity scene…she did such a nice job!


A “Party Girl Candy Cane Reindeer” in action!


A great handmade piece from our friend Patty that we recycled from our Christmas table last year!


One of our “Snowcones” found a home on our tree.


The finished product!


1.    Pick a menu that can be prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy your company too.
2.    Have a practical plan for your activities beforehand  as well, to maximize your time with your guests.
3.    Organize everything for your craft projects in containers or shoeboxes so you have an easy go-to plan.
4.    A pre-set pretty appetizer table upon arrival and Christmas music, along with holiday necklaces or a party accessory will immediately get this party started.
5.    If you are planning to craft, be sure to arrange all of the elements in an easy to reach way, and if it’s a party-craft make sure it’s quick. By choosing a creative name such as “Party Girl Candy Cane Reindeers” and “Snowcones” helped get people to participate.
6.    Fast track tree decorating party by having your bows, tree top and lights already in place.
7.    Add your tree skirt: save $$$ by using  something around the home. We used a shower curtain, which gave us the look we wanted and still protected our carpet.
8.    Guests are then ready to add sentimental ornaments, and homemade items which personalizes your tree without taking away from your designer look.
9.    Remember to send home guests with one of the homemade ornaments as a thank you, and to add to their own tree.
10. Finishing touches: stand back, admire and quietly reflect the awe and wonder of the Christmas Season.