Red, Red, Red She Said! Cake, Flowers, and Jewels for Mom!

Posted on May 9 2015 - 4:12pm by Jessi Meehan

The Hearts for Hope tea was a GREAT success (more on that to come) and now our focus has shifted to MOM! We rounded up a red velvet recipe to die for, and readied a simple floral table decor in minutes. But before we raced into Mother’s Day Mode, we were blessed enough to take some time to say Thank You to our tea team by hanging out at Brighton. They helped us with our gift bags for the tea, and also had an awesome Mother’s Day deal + bright and shining selection of goodies. Check out our 3P recipe, table addition, and gift plan for Mom…

Carnation flowers are a staple for many special occasions as they adorn boutonnieres, corsages, and more. But this cost effective and color perfect flower can be found for a steal, and prepped in moments as marvelous table decor for Mom. You can even get it delivered to your home if you’re in a hurry. Quickly look up ‘Brunswick Flowers Delivery‘ or something of the sort that is relevant to your location. Place an order and it should be at your doorstep soon enough. With that sorted, this kid friendly quick project is a snap: get a bag of a dozen carnations, and the tiny plastic tubes that keep them fresh…these cost just a few cents and keep your florals fresh for hours. Snip each bud with a stem long enough to poke out from a folded napkin, and also to fit in a favorite vase after the fact. Carefully push each bud into your water filled vial, then slip through a napkin ring and BOOM…or should I say BLOOM! A perfect napkin addition, plus simple floral gift for Mom!

Now…you’ve handled your flowers but you want Mom to have her cake and eat it too: these red velvet mini cakes were a HUGE hit at the tea…thanks to Linda…and we HAD to share. Take a peek at these delectable sweet mini treats:


Linda used the recipe courtesy of SophistoMom…and it’s FANTASTIC! Find the recipe HERE! To make tiny heart sandwich cakes, slice your cake length wise once cooled into thin sheets, and use cookie cutter hearts. Then fill each sandwich with frosting, and gently pipe additional frosting on top! Delish! 🙂

Let’s be honest: Brighton can brighten any Mom’s Day…and with their signature hearts collection you can be sure to find a gift for Mom on the go. They even have an Ears to You promotion to receive FREE EARRINGS through May 12th! Take a look at the promo HERE and see how we enjoyed our time at Brighton below: Linda is our baker extraordinaire and had a blast with us at Brighton…and our dear frieder Lizette won a gift card that she bought a BEAUTIFUL purse with:

m2 m3

Give Mom the gift of a heart felt Brighton heart or two…and be sure to win your free earrings! Package it all up in a red Brighton bag…and Mom will be reveling in her all of her RADICAL RED offerings from flowers, to cake, to jewels! GO MOM!