RefresHER Tea for Two Winner + How to Create a Practically Perfect Conference Booth on a Dime!

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 6:53pm by Jessi Meehan

This past weekend we had the honor and pleasure of not only attending the RefresHER Women’s Conference at Hope Church…but having a booth at the event as well! It was a busy week here at 3P and we had a blast getting this booth together quickly, and on the cheap! Now, some of you may be thinking “Oh my gosh, how would I ever get a booth together quickly without having the spend SERIOUS bucks?!” The key is our tried and true 3P Basic: USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT ON HAND, GIRLFRIEND!

BUT…before we get into the 3P Basics of quick and cute booth decor that won’t break the bank…WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY WINNER TO ANNOUNCE!



We carefully selected all the necessary items to host a Tea for Two (plus TWO tickets for the Hearts for Hope Tea with CCM!) for a lucky winner from RefresHER! In this package we included:  two tickets to the tea (a $50 value!), a tea mug and matching ceramic decor plate, a Spring themed floral banner, tea towels, an oven mitt, tea light floating candles, a vase, napkins and plates, a bright notepad, table decorations, and more!

We’re so happy that Elaine Bridges is our winner, and NOW…back to the booth building on a budget:

We were able to spend almost nothing, and yet create a colorful and inviting Tea Party themed table that kept everyone coming by to learn about Practically Perfect Planner, and spend a few minutes to enter to win our Tea for Two giveaway!

The essential 3P elements to creating this Tea Time Table:


1. Pick a theme! We chose a tea theme, as we were right next to Kendra from CCM while she was promoting the upcoming Hearts for Hope Tea.

2. Find out the measurements of your table, so that you can plan to bring your own linens. Once you find your base color, the rest of your theme will come together easily and quickly.

3. Use items that work with your theme, and that you have on hand such as tea cups, vases, home decor, easels, etc to add height and dimension to your booth table. These simple touches can guarantee that all eyes will be on your booth! We grounded our display items with our favorite linens, added fresh roses from our garden, and made sure to elevate different pieces with varying heights, and even used phonebooks (shhhh…don’t tell) to anchor and elevate our giveaway prize!

4. Don’t be afraid to take out unusual or un-used items from home and re-use them in a unique way! We took a photo frame that had never been used, and turned into a banner/ad for the blog. We printed out our logo and a few choice highlight photos and attached them to the frame….it created a “preview” of the blog and it instantly got everyone talking and asking questions.


5. Dress up mundane items like clipboards or pens to really play up your signature look and show off your creativity. We chose to create DIY giftbag clipboards, as well as brightly colored flower pens that matched our logo!


We were able to make these colorful pens using colored “Scotch Tape Expressions” tape that we got on-sale at CVS months beforehand and saved…knowing it would definitely come in useful. We also attached a few bright pink gift wrap bow/flowers with the tape to each pen…and it made a simple pen into a signature piece that everyone asked about as they were signing up! Two easy steps:

1. Carefully wrap each pen from top to bottom with expressions tape, being careful to keep even and keep air bubbles out.

2. Attach your bow or flower to the top using the adhesive back, and also use a bit of colored tape to make sure it stays put!


We also made DIY clipboards using legal pads, gift bags, and small flower clips we had at home! Check out how simple, yet adorable these turned out! So many people commented on them at the event, and we hope we inspired a few new readers to make their own!

It’s as easy as 1,2, 3:

clipboard collage

1. Grab a left over notepad or legal pad, a cute patterned gift bag, and a few extra clothes pins or clips!

2. Slip your notepad into the gift bag, so that it’s all covered up to the top:

3. Take your sign up sheets, and clip them with your clothespins or decorative clips to hold them in place and BOOM! You’re all set.

Easy and so cute! Now everyone will be excited to sign in at your event, or to register for your raffle, or even to sign your “guest log”! Personalization is KEY to successful displays and gifts.

On top of having a wonderful weekend meeting incredible women, we also got to enjoy all of the goodies that came along with being a part of RefresHER! Everyone got giftbags, we provided tissues (which turned out to be MUCH needed with so much loving content during the event!) and fans that we ordered in bulk from Fun Express! We made a super-easy favor by attaching a simple label to the back of each fan, and Glue Dot-ing a business card to each tissue. Inexpensive, cute, and useful to boot.


The hostesses of RefresHER also gave us this adorable “Thank You” gift for participating in our booth…check out our gift bag loot and our gift! How cute is this!?


This colorful butterfly basket with candy sticks was such a great hostess gift as a thank you….that it got us thinking! It could also be recreated using different items for any occasion…even items like tissues, tea, or medicine as a get well basket! The gift made us feel super appreciated, as we appreciate all of the women who were also a part of RefresHER. We want to extend a BIG thank you to Vanessa, Janet, and everyone on the team from RefresHER!

Are you attending any conferences this year? What events do you attend to recharge your batteries and feed your brain?