Saying “I Love You, Mom” with Thoughtful and Simple Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget!

Posted on May 7 2014 - 9:05am by Jessi Meehan

Mother’s Day is soon approaching and what better way to show Mom love and appreciation, than to give her that Practically Perfect gift on her special day? 3P has a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that she’ll be sure to adore, and that won’t break the bank!

Now…what Mom doesn’t absolutely ADORE breakfast in bed, or a few quiet moments in the morning to herself? You can create and CUSTOMIZE (customization is key!) a breakfast in bed gift tray with all of things that Mom needs to have a relaxing morning. Include things like a teacup with her favorite tea, or maybe a new mug with her favorite coffee! Simple ready-to-go breakfast items like her favorite hot cereal, or packaged muffins can be wrapped up and prepped to serve. We included bagels and homemade jam, serving bowls and spoons, tea towels, cocoa mix, and a few other ready-to-bake mixes for homemade treats. The wonderful thing about this gift, is it can also be packaged up and mailed to Moms across the miles.



You could also add a book you found on sale, or some more small candles to the tray for later in her day. You can purchase an array of spot-on Mother’s Day items from stores like the Dollar Tree or Target at a bargain, and even use things from earlier in year you bought on sale. Nothing too big, but it’s the little things that make this personalized gift pop with the message of “I love you, Mom.”


We even whipped up a new 3P original gift for Mom: Joy in a Jar! Stay tuned TOMORROW for this fun, fast, and unique gift for Mom!

Moving right along…

We  also found some fantastic pieces from Pier 1 that are something a “little different” for a Mom or Grandmother who might seem like she “has everything”. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple strings of twinkling butterfly lights, and floating lily pads to make a normal outdoor dinner…a whimsical and pretty garden party! You can purchase them and more from Pier 1 directly! The butterfly lights are on sale for under $12 HERE…and the Lily’s are on sale for under $14 HERE!


Another gift for all of you lovers of DIY projects, are these great infinity scarves made from old t-shirts! You may have seen Brenda rocking one before her trip to Oaxaca, as they were a craft planned for the local Mayans on her mission trip! The funny story was that they never got made, because the native villagers loved the t-shirts too much to cut them up for the craft! We learned of these scarves from my Aunt Rena, who taught the kids in her preschool class how to make them!

These scarves are easy to make…and not only economical, but eco-friendly to boot. Perfect for that fashion-forward Mom, or the Mom going “green”. You could even throw a party with the young kids in your family to craft up a few gifts for all of the Mom’s in your crew. One of the favorite kids in our family, Alex, made a scarf for his Mom for Mother’s day and we’re sure she’ll love it. Check out the YouTube video on how to make these awesome accessories HERE!


Phew, so many great gifts for the amazing women in our lives! Be sure to stick around on the blog for tomorrow’s Joy in a Jar tutorial! We can’t wait to share!