Seasonal and Sweet: 3P “Pear”-ings for the First Day of Fall!

Posted on Sep 22 2014 - 6:53pm by Jessi Meehan

Ripe, juicy pears and plump bright pumpkins! It’s finally fall, and we’re “pear”-ing up seasonal sensations with centerpieces, decor, dessert and more! Have a ball with fall as we create caramel pears that double as gifts AND goodies. Practically Perfect Planner is also “pear-ing” up pumpkins with pears for centerpiece inspiration that will have you ‘FALLING’ over with joy!


Let’s begin making our caramel pears. These unique and seriously sweet treats will wow everyone who comes to the table! The trick here is to pick pears that aren’t too ripe, and have a thicker skin such as a Red Anjou Pear. These are in season and available…plus they are PERFECT for this DIY project:


You’ll need:

– 3-5 Red Anjou Pears
– Caramel Apple Wraps (We swear by these. They come with 5 wraps + wax paper + sticks…available at Wal-Mart and make “caramelizing” ANYTHING a cinch!)
– Additional wax paper, as I find that their’s curls up and can stick to your pears
– Large baking sheet

1. Wash and dry your pears, remove the stems. Preheat your oven to 200.
2. Leaving the wraps in the wax paper, microwave your wraps for about 5-10 seconds on LOW. This is give you the ability to stretch the caramel without causing any breaks or bubbles.
3. Lay out additional wax paper on a baking sheet, enough to cover.
4. Remove wax paper, and carefully stretch your caramel wrap like pizza dough, from the inside out.
5. Gently place the bottom of your pear in the middle of your caramel wrap, and wrap up each edge around the pear, gathering the ends at the top of the fruit.

caramel2      caramel3

6. Carefully insert your popsicle stick through the top of your pear, place on wax paper, and bake for 5 minutes.


7. Remove from oven, allow to cool, and wrap these pretty packages in cello bags + top with a ribbon or gift tag!


Now center your attention on these centerpieces! By rounding up a Christmas runner, some everyday placemats, a few family heirlooms, and our festive fall fruits…we were able to stack up a few centerpieces that scream FALL IS HERE!


We started by laying out a red and green Christmas runner on it’s green side. Then things got topsy turvy as we artfully stacked crystal cake plates and beautiful bowls…right side up and even upside down! Get creative, dare to be different, and don’t be afraid to “pear” something old with something new!


Arrange your pears in alternating colors, and fill your fruit bowl with a larger pumpkin, or even several smaller ones. You can also alternate pears and pumpkins to surround the main attraction and dress up this “minimalist” Fall madness.


The best part? These centerpieces can go from “Bowl to Table”…once your pears have ripened up…you can make these babies into the Practically Perfect Fall dessert! Stay tuned for more as we feature even more fall “pearings” including these Pumpkin-Perfect centerpieces in an awes0me Autumn tablescape, and we mix up some *microwave magic* with a quick “Pear Crisp”. We’re even featuring a simple “Great Pear” gift for a loved one with a free printable! Don’t you just LOVE Fall!?