She Said YES and So Did We! A Crockful of Shower Tips and a Gift for Our New Bride to Be…

Posted on Sep 5 2014 - 9:05am by Brenda Meehan

Exciting news! A 3P Reader reached out to us for professional wedding planning made easy…and WE said YES! Stay tuned as Practically Perfect Planner walks you through getting Jessica walked down the aisle!  We met our reader (and new friend) Janet at the RefresHER conference, who did an incredible job organizing the conference and subscribed to 3P. And later reached out to us for a little “3P Guidance” for her daughter Jessica’s upcoming wedding. To kick everything off, read on for tips and a glimpse of shower power made Practically Perfect! Everything from gifts to games and more!


After couple of emails…we learned that the venue: Springs Preserve, was requiring that Jessica, our bride to be, hire a professionally licensed event planner, 3P stepped right up to help. To get started we set up a meeting at 3P for Janet and Jessica to come in, get to know the team better, and to review wedding details, including the contract with the venue that had gotten a little tricky. Since then, we’ve met the lucky man, Deyon…Jessica’s husband to be…scoped out the venue, created a master plan, timeline. Jessica’s Bridal Shower was a highlight! Here’s the scoop:


Janet and family did such an incredible job with the shower. It was an evening-time, outdoor open-air affair! Guests arrived to Janet’s home, and were escorted to the backyard where romantic lights were strung, a gift table was placed with a crafted banner, and chilled homemade salads were served in a brilliant float! Janet purchased this float from Fun Express, and filled it with ice to keep everything cool with no mess. We LOVED this idea!


Round tables were rustically decorated with mason jars and fresh floral displays in a hip woodlands theme. Creative centerpieces of mason jars, candles, and words of love… (3P tip: Odd numbers of 5 were used, creating balance) and were anchored with mirrors to bring light. Each place setting included “sentimental mo-Mentos” with *Mint to Be* favors, as well as a Ring Pop with a hand written note: “He popped the ?” 3P Praise: Great job creating thoughtful favors tying into your theme!



A few other playful ideas, from Janet and one from 3P for the shower: 1. With our suggestion, she put together a door-prize drawing that doubled as auto-filled thank you envelopes for the bride! This idea is “big” in Canada, and is a HUGE help to the busy bride as she now has all of her Thank You note envelopes addressed and ready to go! BONUS: The winner of the door prize received tickets to Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show this weekend. We can’t wait to see them there.


2. A new (and REALLY happenin’)  shower idea to 3P was “The Panty Party Game”, where each attendee brought new unwrapped panties for the bride that reflected their own personality! A decorative clothesline encouraged guests to “air their pair” with a clothespin. With thought, determination, and being a darn good sport…Jessica guessed who brought which pretty (or NOT so pretty) pair. This had us all laughing, a few of us blushing, and Jessica guessed ours correctly…of course…maybe because we broke the rules a bit, and just had to mischievously wrap ours up…3P style.


Invites requested that a recipe accompany each guest to the shower. How practical, to have guests fill a whole recipe box to the brim with their favorites for Jessica to cook up in her new home! And 3P thought…what new home couldn’t use a crock pot with 3 go-to recipes included…complimented by a fully stocked “dinner for two”? Our crock pot of love included: placemats, napkins, glasses, oven mitts, cookware, tea lights, plus delicious mixes! We hooked her up with a few from some of our favorite Harvest Festival Original Art and Craft Show vendors: Coyote Country Seasoning Co, and Whatcha Got Cookin’! 3P Tip: Hit a couple of sales, not always to reduce cost of gift but be able to add more…as we did! And still stay in budget + theme.

SHowergift1            showergift2

Baking Flour Texture Background
 Thank you for bringing us on board to help your wedding vision come to life, Janet, Jessica and Deyon. It’s a privilege. Here’s to a beautiful wedding, and beautiful marriage! Stay tuned with 3P as we keep on plannin’ along for this bodacious BREAKFAST WEDDING! Yes, you read that right…we’re going to have SO much fun with this one. Stick around and don’t miss a beat!

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  1. Tania Atack September 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm -

    Jessica needs to know that her choice to have you 3P organize her shower and her upcoming wedding is THE BEST DECISION she ever made.
    I am excited for the creativity and decorating ideas to flow thru!!
    Jessica worries aside, you are really going to love your wedding day!!! congratulations. Tania