Spring Has Sprung!

Posted on Mar 24 2014 - 11:09am by Jessi Meehan

By now our readers know that we really enjoy the changing of our decor from season to season, and Spring is no different!

A few 3P Basics we always keep in mind during the changing of the seasonal decor:

1. It’s okay to add to, or take away from your everyday pieces to keep it simple. 
2. Classic and tasteful decor can be easily created, no need to over do it or feel overwhelmed.
3. A clean house is a clean canvas…clearing the clutter will give room for creativity!
4. Group your items in 3’s, 5’s, and 7’s to keep everything “flowing” nicely.
5. Elevate and anchor to add dimension wherever possible!
6. Holiday doesn’t have to = “Hokey”. Clean and simple pieces will add just the right touch of the season. 

We started by adding a traditional Easter wreath that we have saved for years to our front door, to welcome Spring and anyone who comes to visit!


Next came the dining room table. We swapped out our darker winter centerpiece for a couple of bright pieces anchored on a lime green table cloth that screams Spring! Having staggered candle sticks, as well as a colorful wreath on a stand added dimension and height to the table while keeping our Spring theme strong. Also, we made sure to group everything in 5’s to keep it balanced.


These gorgeous potted flowers were on sale at Vons, and were selected for their color as well as their staying power. These pretty plants will last us all the way through Easter, and our favorite Von’s florist helped us “shine them up” for a little extra “oomph”.

When we opened up our Spring and Easter event box, we found these egg wreaths as well as votive holders and a few adorable bunnies. (We also found some ugly bunnies, thanks to a long standing family joke between my Dad and my Aunt Tracy…but that’s a story for another time!) The lime green really lightened up the living room, and the nests were just the right touch to anchor our candle holders without adding too much clutter. The grouping of 5 items again here also kept everything in proportion, with a touch of added height, too!


In the kitchen, we revitalized our standing candle tray with this gold cake stand, a bunny figurine and a themed mug! We added a sparkling gold candle we got on sale after Christmas and achieved a very elegant but clean Spring look for our countertop. Again using the 3P Event basic of adding height for dimension came into play here!


Our go-to centerpiece for the kitchen table got a facelift with a shiny potted plant, nestled in a little nest of moss. We picked this moss up at Joann’s craft store as it adds a classier look than plastic easter “grass” and holds up stronger too. It creates a classic Spring/Easter look without cheapening the decor. Remember…Holiday doesn’t have to = “Hokey”!


Arranging a trio (3’s, 5’s, and 7’s!) of custom made eggs in their own pots tied in the color of the bowl, and added just that little something extra to our centerpiece!


Filling a hurricane glass with bright and color coordinating marbles helped to anchor this bunny, as well as tie in our candle sticks by the fireplace. This focus point always seems to need a bit of light, and this easy decor addition did just that! Keep in mind the 3P basic of keeping your marbles and vase fillers organized and at the ready, you never know when you might brainstorm a quick decor idea…and it’d be a shame to “lose your marbles”! LOL


The wine bottle lamp that we love on our bar was adorned with a swirly Easter wreath to ground it, and a tiny little nest to keep with our Spring theme. We also added a touch of the moss to fill everything in, and add a bit of seasonal substance to this piece.

IMG_1517 copy

Adding a sprinkling of pastel jelly beans to this crystal tray with tea-lights was a fast and easy way to say once again that Spring has Sprung in the Meehan home. We use this tray quite often as a centerpiece on our kitchen table and we know our friends will adore this when they come to dinner! Our friend Maryann even commented last night that it looked good enough to eat! 😉


That about wraps up the changing of the decor, and we did it with a “Spring” in our step! Now we even have a number of ready-to-go-centerpeices to choose from when we entertain! Do you have a favorite item that brightens up your home for Spring?