Springing Into Easter With Decor Ideas Made Easy!

Posted on Mar 21 2015 - 3:24pm by Jessi Meehan

We had a few little springy/green pieces around the house for St. Patrick’s Day…and we decided to brighten and freshen up our focus points with Spring decor, with a tasteful touch of Easter! Here’s a peek back at what we had on deck for Easter last year, plus the subtle changes we added around the house this year! You don’t have to re-invent the…Easter basket! 😉

easter1 IMG_3799

This spring colored ceramic tray is a favorite decor staple in our kitchen, and last year it was egg-cellently dressed in a few fun and funky pieces for Easter. This year, we got crafty with this fresh and picture perfect glittered get-up! Fresh florals from Trader Joes for under $6 a piece were framed in sparkling green with a score from Michael’s for under $4! These daffodils will delight every guest that heads into our home.

PicMonkey CollageE
Before guests make their way into the kitchen…they’ve got to come through the door first! 3P Event Basic: The entrance to any event, even at home is your first impression…make it a great one by providing a clean sweep before guests arrive. 🙂 Last year, we opted to hang our Easter egg wreath, and keep it simple. This year, we dolled up our walkway for the Easter bunny with a shining wind-chime doubling as a door hanger…plus we re-purposed our wreath to stand on it’s own with a few tulips playing peek-a-boo! Bright lavender colored bows gave this corner the pop of color it needed to greet guests with a spring-time smile.

easter2 IMG_3853

Dressing up our dining room table is something I look forward to with every change of the season. For our Easter past, we re-imagined our wreath wrack as a centerpiece, creating tall and terrific dimension! This time of year, we also feature a family heirloom, gifted by my grandfather…a large and perfectly preserved Ostrich egg! Now, this might not be an easter egg but it adds a unique couture feel to our egg-centric table! This year we opted for our favored lime green sari-style table cloth, gathered a-top our bright beaded table staple.

With a quick swap of candle-sticks adorned with ever lovely easter candles, and filling the baskets of our lime green bicycle with eggy goodies…our centerpiece came to life in minutes! Remember to find new uses for what you have on hand, anchors away with bright fabrics, and add dimension and balance with varying heights + groups of 3, 5, and 7!

Easter made easy with inspiration from years past…what could be simpler? Now, stay tuned as we hop right into Easter later this week!