Taking Out the Scarves and Decorating the Tree for…Easter? A Unique Easter Tablescape!

Posted on Apr 11 2014 - 8:18am by Jessi Meehan

With weather in the high 80’s…you would think it’s time for us to put away our scarves…but not here at 3P. We repurposed our winter pashminas into colorful table cloths to anchor our “Keep It Simple” Easter table and set the color theme.

We layered two Easter colored pashminas under a handmade scarf that Brenda recently brought home from Oaxaca…and everything else just seemed to come together. The funny part, was that we realized the scarves needed steaming, and we’d JUST scored a brand new travel garment steamer from the OCC garage sale just days before! Yes, I know we were supposed to be selling items instead of buying…but we couldn’t resist and it IMMEDIATELY came in so handy!


In the “Keep It Simple” mantra, we opted for simple white china plates, with white napkins. If you’ve got some go-to white dinnerware and linens…now’s the time to grab them yet again for some new fresh uses!

To create a BIG centerpiece with LITTLE effort…we gathered some branches from our backyard! We managed this fantastic, tall centerpiece in just a few minutes and 3 easy steps:

1. Gather leafy branches from your front or back yard, a large vase, and a matching wreath to go with your theme (also some eggs, a birds nest, or Easter decor to circle your vase would work).

2. Place a few smaller, bendy branches into your vase as filler, and add the taller branches just like you would with flowers. We also trimmed our branches and tied with two pieces of ribbon to secure them, and give it a sculpted look that was tall and slender so that people can still see one another at the table.


3. Anchor your display with a wreath as a “tree skirt”…and decorate the tree! Yes, go ahead even though it’s Easter! We used little glittery styrofoam eggs that we keep in our Spring box.


Speaking of tree decorating…we also whipped out a few green napkin rings from our Christmas box to coordinate right in with our bright Easter colors. 3P Tip: Stock up on solid colored green items when you can, as green is a neutral color that works at Christmas time, Easter and many Holidays. We even used orange paper napkins we purchased on clearance at Halloween to liven up our table-scape with a touch of orange, and help make clean up a cinch.


We cracked a few spare eggs from the fridge and added fresh flowers from the backyard to create mini floral arrangements in egg cups that also doubled as place-cards!


To make these picture perfect egg vases…all you have to do is:

1. Gently crack the top of a fresh egg with a spoon, and slowly shake/pour out the whites and yolk into a container. (You can totally save them for scrambled eggs later!) You’ll want to make the opening big enough to fit a few flower buds, but not so wide that egg is completely cracked in half.


2. Select and trim  a few color coordinated flowers from your backyard (or even your neighbors yard if they’ll let you!) and arrange them with a tiny bit of water in your egg vase. We used Easter-purple colored ground cover and fresh lavender trimmings, which we rinsed off gently before placing them in each egg with just a touch of water to keep them lasting.


3. Carefully place your egg vase into an egg cup. You may need to add a GlueDot or some Stickey candle wax to get the flowers to sit straight. Also: be sure to use a Dry-Erase marker on your egg cups for the names of your guests. That way it will easily wipe right off when your done!


At the suggestion of my friend Sherry, who stopped by in the midst of our photo-shoot…we also added a bit of “egg-cellence” to our tea lights on the table in keeping with our theme. Half of a cracked egg, with a bright orange candle in lime green votive holder (to play on carrot colors)…and BONUS: the candles were from Halloween and only cost 25 cents on clearance!


We were able to craft up a table that screams Easter without breaking the bank, or breaking down with stress. We had so much fun using creative ideas that will also serve as awesome conversation starters.


All we had to do was get creative with items we already knew we had. What are YOU going to do for your table this Easter? Seen any great ideas out there? Have any go-to tablescapes you like to pull ideas from or make little changes to year after year? Tell us about it!