TEN 3P Ways to De-Stress Your Wedding Day!

Posted on Sep 19 2014 - 7:30pm by Jessi Meehan


Today is the the BIG DAY for Jessica and Deyon, anticipation has been building for the Moxon-Ortiz/Smith families! Follow along with Practically Perfect Planner on how to de-stress YOUR wedding day with these 10 Professional Tips to keep calm on one the the most important days of the bride and groom’s life. From budgets to rehearsals, DIY tips and more…we’ve got your bases covered so you can relax and enjoy a memorable wedding with no worries!

Piggy Bank And Red Heart

1. Stick to your budget! You may be tempted by impulse purchases to achieve the perfect wedding, but if it’s not within your budget, it’s best to avoid them. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist budget or going all out, it’s essential to keep your budget in mind when making decisions. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or your wedding vision. Essentially, you can still schedule facial services in Lexington (if that’s your location) and hire a talented photographer to capture your special moments without exceeding your budget. Making wise budget choices allows you to enjoy your wedding without overspending. Additionally, remember that creativity can go a long way. Don’t hesitate to inquire about freebies, discounts, or the possibility of a payment plan. You might be surprised by the savings you can achieve through simple measures like reduced cake-cutting fees, complimentary linens, or even bringing in some of your own or borrowed items to cut costs.


2. Dynamite DIY additions! We have seen some incredible Pinterest-worthy creations crafted up by brides (and really handy Moms) on a budget. Everything from hand-made centerpieces, flower pots turned cupcake plates…Janet and Galen are even featuring “Build-It-Your-Selfie” Photobooth! When it comes to decor and more, don’t be shy with DIY!


3. Treasure of a Timeline: Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Well it can’t come together stress-free without a timeline. Keeping an ongoing agenda + daily checklist of tasks and who’s responsible for each. Listing vendors, payments, schedules, and final details on one master document keeps everybody on the same page, literally. 😉 Key elements might include rehearsal plans, Audio/Visual assessments, communication with the wedding buffet catering sydney company, covering your baking bases for the cake, etc. This timeline will be your BFF, so keep it close.


4. Say YES to Volunteers: There is that famous lyric, “I get by with a little help from my friends”…and come wedding day those words ring even more true! Round up friends and family to be on board for the big day. Bringing items into the venue, guarding and carting gifts, finishing floral touches, capping off cake displays…you never know where an extra set of hands (or 3) will be just what you need to breathe easy. Make volunteers part of the plan.


5. Check off Your Checks: …and have them ready as needed! Many final payments will be due the “day of” the big day. Be sure you’re not caught with an unpaid vendor leaving you high and dry before the big moment. Have all remaining payments listed, sorted out in envelopes and delegated to a point person in charge to hand out as vendors arrive to your venue. This person can also handle giving out tips, honorariums, and gifts as pertains to your wedding.


6. The Earlier the Rehearsal the Better: Shoot for earlier than the night before. The entire Smith/Moxon Wedding team headed to Springs Preserve 2 days ahead of time in the late afternoon. This gave everyone a chance to do a solid walk through of the entire day from ceremony to reception, cover any remaining questions to the caterer, MC, DJ, Pastor and more…and then have more than 24 hours to process the plan. More Time = Less Stress.


7. I’ve Got Your Number: Keep a running contact list of everyone on your Wedding Team. We’re talking bride, groom, family, wedding planner, caterer, security, on-site venue staff, and ALL vendors. Be sure to add each contact to your phone, so you’re not stuck in a communication breakdown at any point pre-nuptials. A call into EVERYONE on your list to reconfirm a week out, reduces worry.

point person

8. An On-Site Point-Person Takes the Pressure Off: If you don’t have a wedding planner, designate an organized and trust worthy co-pilot. It’s a BIG relief! Having a to Go-to Gal or Guy is a MUST HAVE on your wedding day. As for the necessary services such as photography, catering, decoration, and all, you can explore such options online. For instance, you can search for wedding photographers on the internet that may provide services in your vicinity and choose one. So, with the help of hired companies and assistance from friends and family, you can organize your dream wedding without any snags. Also, look for someone you can count on to follow the timeline, maintain your contact list, lend a helping hand, be on site for last-minute needs, and ensure everything goes off without a hitch while you’re getting hitched!


9. Take Care of Your Tear-Down Plan: Help restore your venue to it’s “natural habitat”. Venues often have a quick turnover between one event and the next…plus, the bride and groom want to get a move-on with their honeymoon! Having a effective tear-down plan is essential in keeping after-party organization a breeze. Make sure to have vehicles and carts ready, boxes prepared, gifts and money in safe keeping, and a game-plan for getting out of dodge quick! Know who’s taking what, and where it’s going. This prevents precious items from being lost or broken.

message of just breathe

10. SMILE. BREATHE. HAVE FUN. This is one of the BEST parties you’ll ever attend, plan, or take part in! Celebrate your love, your family, and all of your hard work. Boogie on the dance floor, have your cake and eat it too…oh, and DON’T FORGET THOSE THANK YOU NOTES! 😉