The Last Fifty Bucks in the Budget! Post Holiday Bargains That Won’t Break The Bank!

Posted on Jan 23 2015 - 6:49pm by Brenda Meehan

Our post holiday bargain hunt was such a hit – we couldn’t wait to focus on our next catch…featuring the finds we scored with our final $50! Make it fun to stretch funds by hitting favored haunts plus a new spot or two…for time sensitive treasures!

saving money on a piggy-bank on the grass isolated on a white ba

Table cloths, tea towels, travel mugs…even salad tongs can be found on clearance and make for gifts, favors, wrap, and even re-purposed party perfect decor on a dime. We hit our go-to shops, a new favorite (Anna’s Linens), and even a garage sale for these spectacular scores!


Each item purchased, was carefully selected with it’s party-purpose in mind. Damask print decor will be featured with the divas for girlfriend time, show up for showers, and make an arrival at anniversaries this year. Christmas table cloths will make way for Mexican fiestas and birthday bashes…not to mention basket liners for homemade gifts. Tea towels will spring into Easter, as take home gifts for guests, doubling as napkins, or used in place of tissue for gift bags! Repurposed mini-pasta strainers and even travel cups will make party-perfect present vessels on the go!

Hit garage sales after Christmas for to-die-for deals on Christmas wrap, birthday bags, greeting cards, and more for pennies on the dollar. This entire haul came home with us for $2!! Cards for wedding showers, baby showers, and spring-time wishes…what a find!


Sales don’t only happen at the craft store…while waiting  to pick up some new specs at Lenscrafters…Jess and I wandered over to Bath and Body Works for their semi annual sale. Boy, did we make out AWESOME! Travel size sweet smelling soaps and lotions were 75% off…costing us only $1.50 each…and portable scent dispensers were on sale for 5 for $10! Valentines Day gifts knocked out in under 15 minutes and under $15!

IMG_2329 copy
With our $200 post-holiday bargain budget, we were able to purchase over 150 items all prepped to party into the New Year! With a little bit of “out of the box” planning + impromptu shopping…we are good to GO! How’s your bargain hunt coming along? Have you scored any must-share sales? Let 3P in on your shopping secrets, and we’ll be sure to pass along the savings!