The Man Cave: A Guy at Harvest Festival – Original Art & Craft Show? Absolutely!

Posted on Aug 22 2014 - 4:31pm by Chris Meehan

Outside the Cave –

We’ve been working with the Las Vegas Harvest Festival – Original Art & Craft Show on their Advertising, Public Relations, and Community Involvement for 18 years or so. I spend a lot of time at the show each year, and from a “guy’s perspective” I love every minute of it. It’s an event the whole family can go to. You can shop with your kids, they can sample food that they like, enjoy very funny stage entertainment and take them to a special “Kids Zone” where they can create their own “crafts” and take them home!

Browsing around with my wife, she inevitably makes comments about things she likes. Her birthday is about six weeks after the show, so I get lot’s ideas for a gift and also a head start on Christmas. Quite a number of times I’ve slipped off to “talk to a vendor I know well”, and then go back and buy something I just found out Brenda really likes and put in our car without her knowing it. (Sneaky, yes – but highly effective….)

mrfudge1    choc-pb-fudge-8-600

It’s great to walk around and sample the foods. A guy’s got to eat right? I love talking to Fred Heminger, owner of Mr. Fudge. The guy is incredible and he and his wife make the best fudge you’ve ever tasted, from a 100 year old recipe! GREAT gifts for family and friends.

oldtown2                oldtown3

The guys from Old Town Baking Co. met me at a radio station at 6AM the first day of the show years ago to do a radio interview. They almost had to stay up all night making their fantastic fresh breads for the show, drive to Las Vegas, and then meet me for the interview. We still laugh about it, and they sold out of all their bread the first day and had to go back to California that night make more and drive back again! Every year, I have to make sure I pick up a loaf of sourdough…which they know is my favorite!

Strolling through Harvest Festival…there’s plenty of time to have a beer, relax and watch the entertainment. Kids love it, and the entertainers always try to get the kids involved with the shows. Lot’s of fun to watch them. Plus, there’s so much to see at the show besides food; there are hundreds of exhibitors.

beatles_00002 richard_bio

My old friend Richard Esterman is a staple at the show,an incredible photographer and offers totally unique pictures that I really enjoy seeing every year. I have at least two in my “Man Cave” and I’ve bought one for each of my kids as well, which they all love. He’s been kind enough to autograph each as well. Great guy.


I get to stock up on Garlic products for the year from Gary Wren at Garlic Festival Foods, great packaged dips from Coyote Country Seasonings (they have a bunch that I love, especially their Bacon and Blue Cheese Dip, now a “go to” dip and family favorite.)

debrito   dibrito1

DeBrito Chocolate Factory offers up these award winning Caramel Apples that the Wall Street Journal named “Best Overall Caramel Apples” in the entire U.S.! This was a major hit when we gave these out to business clients!


So much to see, and so little time, but always fun! I’m looking forward to meeting the folks from Whatcha’ Got Cookin’ (very tasty and unique…we just featured a real Home-Run recipe from them!and Ho’omana Oils and ScrubsI wrote PR stories this year on both these new exhibitors. I’ve heard a lot about Ho’omana and can’t wait to try their “pain away” products (too many sports injuries in my younger years…..)

Brenda will buy a bunch of gifts there for friends and family (birthdays and Christmas); I’ll pick up some things for her (that she doesn’t know about, but I know she’ll like), load up on delicious food items that we all love, enjoy all the sights and sounds of the event, and watch kids have a great time too! What more can you ask for?

I’ll probably even buy myself something new this year for my “Man Cave!”

 Great Shopping, Great Food, Great Fun at –Harvest Festival® – Original Art and Craft Show

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  1. Tania Atack August 26, 2014 at 10:27 am -

    Wow, Chris what a great job taking us thru a tour of “Harvest Festival”
    Everything about it we loved!!!!!! Of course I love chocolates, but loved the variety of displays and it is a tradition that is to be admired.
    Good job!!! Tania

    • Chris Meehan August 26, 2014 at 1:30 pm -

      Thank you so much! We’ll have to use some of the Harvest Festival foods next time we see you guys!