The Man Cave: Gearing up for Football with George’s Grilled Sausages, Onions and Mushrooms!

Posted on Sep 25 2014 - 7:35pm by Chris Meehan

Inside the Cave – FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!!


I love the NFL games, Fantasy Football, and watching good games with good friends. Put out a nice spread to graze on and have fun! I recently did a BBQ before a great game and used a friend’s recipe for sausages with a seriously tasty topping. My friend George is probably one of the best BBQ’ers and chefs I know, and he has an onion and mushroom recipe that is totally KILLER for topping his signature barbecued Sausages .


3P NOTE: This meal paired fantastic with two salads from our recent “3P Go-To Salad Guide”; Watermelon and Feta, and also the Asian Cabbage and Ramen Slaw!    

 George’s KILLER Toppings –

slow-sauteed-onions copy

 ONIONS – Sautéed

3-4 Vidalia Onions (serves approx.. 8 people)

Melt butter, add garlic, salt and pepper

Sauté onions for approx.. 15-20 minutes , add touch of Teriyaki

Let rest for 10 minutes, serve

**OR: put in metal pan and into the fridge overnight and re-heat on grill (in the metal pan) the next day for 30 minutes**

shiitakes copy


½ to 1 pound of Shiitake mushrooms (These can be a hard to find item…we scored ours from Whole Foods)

Remove stems, and slice them

Melt butter and sauté mushrooms until butter starts to brown slightly

Then hit it with a little garlic powder, salt and pepper

Add ¼ cup of either sherry, brandy, or whiskey

Cook on low heat for approx.. 30 minutes, serve

**OR (same goes for the mushrooms as did for the onions): put in metal pan and into the fridge overnight and re-heat on grill (in the metal pan) the next day for 30 minutes**



You can use any kind sausage you want, George prefers chicken. There are some great varieties out there to choose from.


George also purchases French baguette’s the morning of the BBQ, then hollows out the middle part of the baguette to fit the sausage and fix-in’s.


Grill the sausage (10 minutes or so) and lay it on the baguette with the mushrooms and onions on top. No sauce is really necessary, but some like a little BBQ sauce or Dijon mustard. Grated cheese is also a tasty option.

3P TIP: I like easy and fast, so I much prefer to do the mushrooms and onions the day before. George says it can also really blend the flavors more. Anyway, the day of the BBQ, the toppings are already done, and you just have to focus on the sausages and bread! VERY EASY, and VERY TASTY!!

 Now back to the Game!